01.28.2013 08:38 AM

From the wk.com archives

A Twitter friend, Vicki Davidson, has a better memory than I do (at my advanced age, that isn’t difficult). She told me about something I once said, on Global TV, so I went looking, and found this instead, from February 2009:

• More recession madness: Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s Minister of Education, is genuinely one of the most respected and admired politicians I have ever met. But, this morning on CBC Radio, the quoted nutty union boss said she’s “trying to resuscitate her political career” because she wants to avoid kids losing school days, as they did so often during the Harris era. Here’s a tip, pal: if there’s one politician in Canada who doesn’t need his or her career “resuscitated,” it’s Wynne. If there’s a union boss who needs his credibility resuscitated today, it’s you.


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    Pat Heron says:

    Very good of you to include that gracious description of Kathleen Wynne, Warren. And, speaking of gracious, your pal Sandra made the word her own in the final act at the weekend’s convention. No one could have been more gracious, nor have done more to set a positive forward path for the party. She was great on that stage.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:



      Agreed. When I saw that, I thought What a trooper! Above and beyond the call of duty.

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    J.W. says:

    I’m always wrong about this, but are these Hudak attack ads against Wynne on the weekend going to backfire at all, or will they work as usual??
    When does this Conservative (Fed and Prov.) tactic become a joke, a caricature of a politician? Will people ever say what’s wrong with these people, don’t they have anything on their minds that doesn’t drag our politics into the muck? Is there any decency or sense of simple civility if not good manners left in these people?
    Checking the Sun for tone, I see Blizzard has written a nice column this morning.

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      MattE says:

      Since when is it a bad thing to point out deficiencies in your opponent. I don’t think it ever has or ever was and I know that WK would agree with me there. He’s made a very successful career talking about the record of his opponents.

      These ads aren’t “attack ads”. They’re factual representations of Wynnes positions and actions as a high ranking liberal cabinet minister over the previous decade. Those are important things for the public to know.

      they would be attack ads if they focused on her for her sexual orientation or her gender or her hair colour. Talking about her record is only an attack if her record is a poor one, which it is.

      Just because you don’t like what the ads say doesn’t make them attack ads.

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