01.28.2013 04:27 PM

How nice!

From the card that came with the flowers, just delivered to the office:

“Sorry to see your career die at such a young age. Hopefully interesting new challenges await in the used car sales profession.”

I have a fan! This is so nice and unexpected!



  1. Michael S says:


    • Warren says:

      I knew they came from you! I knew it!

      • Cath says:

        So I guess when people start sending you going away flowers you really DO have to leave, even if you didn’t mean it, which I think many here are hoping.
        You know what though? I totally get it.
        I’ve never seen more political disenfranchisement among even the most loyal and crossing all parties and at all levels of government, as I’m seeing currently.
        Sad really.

  2. John says:

    Too bad they didn’t hold off sending those for a couple more weeks… you could have re-gifted them… with a new card of course.

  3. Greg from Calgary says:

    What the hell? Seriously, who has time to do that.

  4. CQ says:

    I’ve heard of a back-handed compliment. That note appears to be a left-handed one.

    • kre8tv says:

      And apparently writes cursive like a teenaged girl. Geez, what’s a fella have to do to earn a half-decent stalker these days?

  5. JimJ says:

    Warren “Bacio dela Morte” Kinsella ….. the Liberal backroom assassin…

  6. que sera sera says:

    Could you have possibly received in error a CPC bouquet meant for that electoral overachiever Dean Del Mastro?

  7. Pagliacci says:

    Liberal Muff-Diver Cabinet… LOL

  8. Bloody Bounder says:

    Geez, what do you think are the odds that it was sent by a passive aggressive,
    sexually frustrated, impotent, obese, propertied, car owning, suburban dwelling,
    tax hating, ANGRY WHITE MALE with a high body mass index who hates immigration,
    bilingualism, multiculturalism, Quebec, affirmative action, gun control, human rights
    commissions, hate crimes laws, women’s rights, gay rights, and abortion rights?.

    • Canada Joe. says:

      I don’t know? What are the odds that the above post was written by a shrill, crazy, sexually frustrated, impotent, obese, loser ANGRY BROWN WOMAN with a mighty chip on her shoulder?

      I wonder indeed.

    • Falstaff says:

      Hey will you leave off with fucking ‘obese’ shit? We already get told on a daily basis that we’re hated. We know, we know. And FTR many of us support immigration, multiculturalism, bilingualism, freedom of choice, gun control, human rights, socialized medicine, etc. etc. But fat people I guess don’t get a pass. So fuck you.

  9. bigcitylib says:

    The white rose “has come to symbolize purity, innocence and secrecy”. Not sure which of these terms would apply to you. Also, that’s an under $10 bouquet. The kind I buy my wife between paychecks. THAT’S the real insult.

  10. Theresa says:

    this made me chuckle…..what do they say that there is not much difference between love and hate.

  11. patrick says:

    You have to applaud an insult that takes a bit of effort. Good one.

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