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I want to put this in every rink in Canada


11 Responses to “I want to put this in every rink in Canada”

  1. Sean says:

    That is EXCELLENT. I’m assuming this is from Chicago? This should be in every hockey rink in Canada. Moreover, it should be endorsed by the NHL / CHL etc… What a great idea. Would also work at Soccer Fields, Ball Parks etc.. Hockey Rinks are run by municipalities, who get funding from the Province. Maybe a provincial election idea? Its one of those ideas that wouldn’t part of the *serious business*, but could be great coffee shop conversation.

  2. bill says:

    Thats perfect. But do the ones in Toronto say…”you and your child do not play for the Maple Leafs, but, probably could”.
    Signed: Sens Fan
    let the hatin’ begin

  3. Ted H says:

    So, there actually are some adults in the hockey world, that’s refreshing/

  4. Cath says:

    don’t forget the sports fields too WK. Soccer and ball parents/coaches could stand the reminder too.

  5. dave says:

    A few years ago I was coaching teens’ futsal(indoor soccer). I was leaving a set of games one evening, and heard a member of our league exec chatting with our league head ref. He was saying that it was easier to get kids to take the training and to ref for indoor, because with outdoor, that was when the hockey parents got involved.
    I notice some local hockey programmes have parents/caregivers sign a behaviour agreement – sort of a contract, or good behaviour bond. Sounded to me like it was easy to put in place at an AGM.

    • Bluegreenblogger says:

      Every league should add 10% refundable deposit to their not insubstantial fees. There’s your behavioural bond, and permit the referees to assess demerits to the spectators. Kind of like a paid penalty box, lol. Lose 20% of your behaviour bond for every demerit, kids off the team when you hit 5 demerits. Mebbe not, but there are a hell of a lot of Rob Ford wannabe’s who ruin the game for normal, sober people looking to enjoy the sport.

  6. James Hanna says:

    This is great; in Quebec the Respect in Sport program (http://www.respectinsport.com) is mandatory for coaches and volunteers, but not yet parents – you’ll be happy to know, Warren, that Calgary is way out front on that and requires parents to complete the program before letting their kids on the ice.

    A sign I have seen around here, on a bit of a tangent, is ” You are allowed to criticize your minor hockey association 1 time for each hour of volunteer work you put it” … or something like that..

  7. Peter says:

    Parents should cheer for everyone?

    Getting a bit carried away, aren’t we?

  8. Peter says:

    About time somebody put it down in plain English. I was at a friend’s son’s match not too long ago. The parents were pathetic…not all…but enough in numbers for the kids on the ice to be more aware of what was going on outside the glass.

    Then I saw something I’ve never seen in my life…and I’ve been to hundreds of these little leaguer games. A kid refused to play. He sat down on the bench and that was that. Both his parents were (and they were easy to pick out) first went nuts, thinking the coach had benched the kid. The coach taking notice…open the door for the kid…as if to say…get on the ice…the kid just sat…pissed.

    And that was that…the parents…realized whose choice it was…still didn’t get it. that is was about them…and then even faded off.

  9. The Doctor says:

    I love common-sense signs like that. There’s a fairly challenging hiking trail in my neck of the woods where idiotic tourists and just plain idiots are constantly getting in way over their heads — going on a multi-hour alpine hike with no water, totally inappropriate clothing, totally inappropriate footwear (e.g., high heels, flip-flops), or leaving at 30 minutes to sunset with no flashlight. Just Darwin Award-level idiocy. And of course they constantly get injured, lost, have to get rescued at taxpayers’ expense. But I love the first line of a warning sign they’ve put up at the base of the trail: THIS IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK.

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