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My daughter got accepted to University!

And she is so so so so so happy. Meanwhile, I feel so so so so old.

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  1. dave says:

    I usually congratulate the parents. You have to put a lot of ducks in the right row to get a kid through public school and to where she is.
    So congrats…old fellow!

  2. Such a wonderful feeling. Hopefully to be repeated many more times in your lives.

  3. WDM says:

    Congrats. I remember getting my first acceptance. I was the only one home. My parents were gone for the weekend. I ran around the house several times.

  4. Canada Joe says:


  5. CQ says:

    I ‘received’ a few University reply letters back when I was in grade 12. The only problem was that the grade 13 Dum-dum living across our street couldn’t spell out his house number clearly. The responses were for him, lol.
    I instead got a 52 in first semester English.

  6. Anthony Patstone says:

    Congrats, I have small kids and hope to reach that achievement one day

  7. John says:

    My oldest son started at U of T this past September. Planned on doing a double major in History and French… hoping to one day get a PhD. Now a couple weeks into his second semester he has changed his mind and wants to switch into Science… Physics and Astronomy to be exact. I don’t want him to get stuck in a career that he absolutely hates… like me… So I will support him in whatever he wants to do (as long as he is happy and doesn’t keep flip flopping) even if it means I have to keep working in a job I hate to pay for his schooling until the day I’m in the box.

    • Paul says:

      History and French. AKA “do you want fries with that?” ;)

      Seriously though, I know a woman with a Ph.D in some French feminist studies thing. Literally the *only* job that she is qualified for after over a decade of university is teaching that obscure subject, which she does. She also lives in near-squalor in a crummy basement apartment because the pay sucks, and her workload is ridiculous. Tell your son this and encourage his pursuit of the science track instead. Even if there aren’t too many jobs for “Astronomers” out there, the scientific and mathematical background will open far more doors for him than History and French!

    • Swervin' Merv says:

      “… even if it means I have to keep working in a job I HATE to pay for his schooling until the day I’m in the box.”

      Great life lesson you’re teaching your young ones, John! (Notwithstanding the preaching that “I don’t want him to get stuck in a career that he absolutely hates.”

  8. sharonapple says:

    Congrats to your daughter and your family. One milestone down… so many to go.

  9. Eric says:


  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Another person who will serve perhaps as a role model for other First Nations people.

    All the best to her.

  11. Ted H says:

    Congratulations, one day you will have grand children then you will feel young again.

  12. Bill Temleman says:

    So Paul, are you advocating we all tell our kids to take professional and/or vocation training after high school instead of general arts and sciences? Really? According to Richard Florida and other advocates of the creative economy we need grads who are passionate about what they have studied. When even the president of the national students’ association preaches career realism when selecting courses, our democracy and way of life ultimately suffer.

    congrats Warren. Now we can buy you one of those bumper stickers that says “My kid and all my money go to ___________ U.”

    • Paul says:

      I’m not advocating anything. I’m merely relating a true story about someone I know personally who is now doomed to a life of toil and mediocrity because she is 40+ years old and has nothing to her name but a Ph.D in a subject nobody cares about. Even she is now questioning the path that she took in life.

      I didn’t even go to university but I have an aptitude for computer programming. When the Internet started becoming popular I educated myself in the skills that are in demand and now I make bank. One day I may hear my true calling and want to pursue it academically even if it is not economically viable, but I will be doing so from a position of strength rather than being unemployable at 22 years old with a “general arts and science” degree and a $50,0000 debt.

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