01.04.2013 12:07 AM

OLP convention to bar bloggers?

This is beyond stupid.

As one of the guys who fought to get Stephen Taylor into last year’s LPC convention, I serve notice that I will do so again for Scott et al. I plan to raise Hell if this isn’t fixed, up to and including a one-man picket.

Get with the new paradigm, folks. Jesus.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    If you picket, I will bring you (1) coffee. But otherwise, yeah, dumb as hell.

  2. Sb says:

    If you remember, at the ’06 (Dion) convention we had a Bloggers’ Suite with dedicated wireless (separate fro MSM), wired hubs with 6Mbit/sec down AND up, and a vista overlooking the voting floor. I even brought them donuts once or twice. This is a step back of monumental proportions.

  3. Sb says:

    Steven Barry; I was the Director of IT and oversaw the fit-up of that convention.

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