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Prorogation: name the OLP leadership candidate

The last one happened on CBC Radio on November 6, 2012.  The second one was more recent, in the Globe on January 17.  And the first one is taken from John Tory’s popular radio show, also on November 6 of last year.

You get three guesses as to who the speaker is, and the first two don’t count.

Yep. Um…huh?

Say one thing, then say the polar opposite. I could say a lot more, but let’s just leave it at “surprised and disappointed.”

7 Responses to “Prorogation: name the OLP leadership candidate”

  1. Josef says:

    Wynne just has no honour.

    Pupatello has lived a life of duty, honour, country, family, and public service.

    It’s pretty obvious one choice will give sooner rather than later Tim Hudak the Premiership with Randy Hillier his deputy, the other will keep Ontario plowing ahead from Windsor.

    • Bloody Bounder says:

      Well said Josef.

      A Tim Hudak majority government would most likely:

      -limit people on welfare to maximum of 5 years, regardless if they are unemployed and unable to afford
      food or shelter (as per the American Republican-style model)

      -the complete gutting of labour rights taking Ontario back to the 1930′s (with American Republican-style
      “right to work” bullshit)

      -reversal of the current OLP government’s move to clean energy with the reintroduction of coal burning plants

      -the complete gutting of all environmental legislation

      -the reversal of public smoking bans to keep Timmy’s big tobacco buddies happy

      -the abolition of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (as a gesture to the Ontario PC Party’s ANGRY WHITE MALE
      grassroots support base)

      -defunding of all multicultural, bilingual, feminist, LGBT, and anti-racist education programmes (as a gesture to the Ontario PC Party’s ANGRY WHITE MALE
      grassroots support base)

      -defunding of all immigrant and refugee settlement programmes (as a gesture to the Ontario PC Party’s ANGRY WHITE MALE
      grassroots support base)

      -smashing teacher’s unions and introducing a high school exit exam (as a gesture to the Ontario PC Party’s anti-intellectual,
      anti-academic, luddite, blue collar, working class grassroots support base)

      -delisting abortion from OHIP

      -introducing a two tier healthcare system in Ontario with private for profit services for most medication procedures

      -relaxing the ban on hunting (as a gesture to the Ontario PC Party’s REDNECK WHITE TRASH grassroots voting base)

      -introduction of prison chain gangs (based on the American Republican-style model in southern REDNECK WHITE TRASH states such as Alabama)

      -ending public funding of political parties (based on the Harper Conservative model)

      -ending corporate and union donations to political parties (based on the Harper Conservative model)

      -freezing the minimum wage, welfare and disability payments indefinitely despite the rise in the cost of living

      -making it illegal to be homeless and forcefully remove the homeless from the streets

      -relax or abolish all civilian oversight on police abuse

      -allow for the increasing militarization of the police (based on the American model)

      -defund any and all gay pride events

      -rip up the landlord-tenant act to make evictions and rent increases easier for slum lords

      -abolish any moves to more women, visible minority and/or aboriginal representation
      in the provincial civil service.

      -privatize the LCBO (in a gesture to the Ontario PC Party’s REDNECK WHITE TRASH Joe Six Pack
      workin joe support base)

      -privatize most Ontario Crown Corporations and open them to foreign takeovers

      -defund all funding for new public housing construction, homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, ect.

      -Allow for more private for profit schools and hospitals.

      -Integrate Ontario laws and law enforcement with the USA as much as possible (Hudak supported the call from
      a dozen state attorney generals for Craigslist to remove its ads for prostitutes)

      -Tim Hudak will increasingly advertise the Ontario PC Party as NASCAR events, WWE events, hunting events
      and the Molson Indy in a nod to the displacement of its once upper crust, couth, refined, posh, tactful, classy,
      well educated, cosmopolitan base of urbane Red Tories and their replacement by ignorant, common, low class,
      blue collar, high school dropout, right-wing populist, redneck white trash who work in blue collar jobs as its
      new grassroots base.

      -Like Rob Ford, Tim Hudak will most likely opt for photo shoots with the likes of Don Cherry and other
      Alpha White Male celebrity tough guys in a nod to his party’s new grassroots base.

      Final Prediction…

      Ontario PC Party events will increasingly see less BWMs, Benz, and Audis in the parking lot and
      more and more pickup trucks with NASCAR and WWE magnet bumper stickers as this once great
      Red Tory entity becomes the bastion of blue collar populists like Joe the Plumber who HATE
      immigrants, feminists, gays/lesbians, renters, uses of public transit, urban dwellers, academics,
      and those who better educated and travelled than them.

  2. Bloody Bounder says:

    Does anyone know when the balloting begins at the OLP convention?.

  3. David Rhind says:

    Thanks Tim.For clearing that up so succinctly.

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