01.26.2013 09:20 PM

The Ontario Liberal weekend

A couple weeks ago, I wrote this:

Anyone who reads this web site at all knows where I stand. But I figured I would tip my hat to my adversaries in what has been a pretty good race.

Will I be involved in the OLP, going forward? Beyond the convention, no. No way. I am out, full stop.

It’s time for others to step up. I have other plans, and they don’t include the OLP war room or campaign, no matter who wins.

There’s a lot of smart folks, as noted above, to run the coming campaign. They’ll do just fine without old farts like me around.

Good luck to them.

I meant that then, and I mean it now. I’m out. Ten years with an amazing guy like Dalton McGuinty is a great run.

The online nobodies (like this loser, who has been tweeting and commenting under different names all night, or this one, who remains a jerk) have been having a field day tonight about my involvement. Keep at it, losers: neither of you has ever had the guts to step up in a campaign. Nor will you. (You’re cowards.)

I don’t regret supporting Sandra Pupatello for one solitary moment. I supported her because she was (and is!) an amazing, passionate, talented woman, and it was such a privilege to volunteer for her.

Katheleen Wynne, as I’ve noted elsewhere, is a also terrific person, and she obviously ran an amazing campaign. I wish her the very best.

But, as noted a couple weeks back, I won’t be back in the campaign or the war room. It’s time for new blood, new ideas, new faces.

Now, I need a beer.


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    Skinny Dipper says:

    One must ask who won and who lost. Obviously Kathleen Wynne won. Charles Sousa, Gerard Kennedy, and Dr. Eric Hoskins will improve their political profiles. Harinder Takhar’s profile will go down. Laurel Broten is done as the education minister. Wynne will likely move her to a different cabinet position. However, Broten will be moved laterally or downward.

    Outside the Liberal Party, if Wynne appoints Charle Sousa as finance minister, and if the Liberals can present a more balanced budget, this will hurt Tim Hudak. At the same time, Wynne needs to mend relations with the teachers. That means re-opening the contracts so that the teachers can negotiate local agreements with the school boards. If she doesn’t do that, the teachers will still refuse to perform the little extras such as extra-curriculars and field trips. Those teachers will campaign for the NDP. If she does mend relations, the teachers will slowly return to performing their general activities including extra-curriculars and field trips. It doesn’t mean that the teachers will support the Liberals; it will mean that they will not actively campaign against the Liberals and for the NDP. If Wynne can mend fences with the teachers, this will hurt the NDP as the school system will return to normal. General voters will give Wynne the credit for fixing relations. They won’t give Andrea Horwath any credit.

    While the Liberals are lower than the NDP in the polls, the Liberals will likely be better ready for an early campaign than the NDP. Give Kathleen Wynne six to nine months, she’ll be ready for a provincial election.

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    ‘I am hurt but I am not slain.
    I’ll lay me down and bleed awhile,
    Then I’ll rise and fight again.’

    -Ballad of Andrew Barton

    I hope the winner of the LPOC leadership asks you to “take up the cudgels” yet again…..If we are to be successful against Mr. Harper and his cabal…..He or she will need your expertise……

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    John Matheson says:

    Warren I hope you can use your considerable skills to seek justice outside the political realm. There are a lot of white collar crooks out there who need to be put away. Despite what your detractors say, you have been a good actor in the political centre, which is by far the most difficult political position to assume. In the end, you got trolled by both the right and the left. Good luck in whatever you do!

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      Cath says:

      I second John’s sentiment WK.

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    M5SLIB says:

    I’m watching her chat with Steve Paikin right now, and she’s coming off as a “hell of a gal!”

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Funny thing politics: you’re only truly appreciated for your God-given talents when you drop dead…you work for one leader and he wins. You bust your ass for another — and he wins too. Call it a constant in the universe.

    Now, new leaders are emerging. As you’ve stated, new blood and talent will come with that. But have they really got what it takes to win? Anyone searching for an answer, just ask Kinsella.

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    Sean says:

    16 years in opposition

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    sharonapple88 says:

    I meant that then, and I mean it now. I’m out.

    You never know. You might find yourself like Michael Corleone did in Godfather III — Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

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    Skinny Dipper says:

    Kathleen Wynne can improve the fortunes of the Ontario Liberal Party if she sets out a clear plan that will gain the general support of Ontario’s voters.

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    bigcitylib says:

    A year or so ago you were talking about running for something, if I remember. Is that now out?

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      Warren says:

      You’ll be the first to know brother.

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    Bradley says:

    Regardless of the choice voters will likely not forget the massive mistakes made by McGinty Nor should they. Resigning and dissolving Parliament was a cowardly act

    I would suggest that the party will suffer from dissension and this will provide an opening not for the PC party but for NDP

    Warren if you are looking for a cause get behind and ahead of go for the inability of our future leaders to now find careers after graduation mired in debt hoisted on them by sausage factory universities

    This is our societal problem

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    garfield says:

    @Warren… you will be missed. Our politics are differing and unlike you I strongly detest McGuinty, the politician(not the father/husband). Add to that my belief Harper, despite his faults and dictatorial style, was best and logical choice last election… puts us at opposing extremes. For that and other reasons I have utmost respect for you. With my contrary view you have always allowed so I could vent it despite it being contrary to your loyal following. You are with fairness and tolerance. As I follow you on FB and via SNN I have come to respect your style, analytical assessments, your integrity, your straight talk, your common sense, your knowledge & expertise. Absolute you will be missed from the Ontario Liberal Party, the war room and conventions. True in moving on there are younger ones that can fill your shoes… they will never fully fill your shoes. I doubt if they are with your insight, logic and common sense. You have ability to see and understand both sides of the coin… many can not!

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    Caligula Jones says:

    I’m a cowardly sack of shit.

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