01.17.2013 08:08 AM

The Star on the OLP leadership: Pupatello “smart, feisty,” Wynne “favourite of the left-wing downtown Toronto crowd”

A must-read, as they say.

Sandra Pupatello (6 to 5): She surprised even her own campaign team by finishing first in last weekend’s election to pick delegates to the convention. She won 504, or about 27 per cent, of the delegates. She likely will lead on the first ballot and has lots of room to grow on subsequent ballots. She’s smart, feisty, a favourite of party veterans.

Watch for Pupatello to stress the party’s traditions. Over the past 100 years, the Liberals have chosen only two leaders from the Toronto area and have almost always picked a centre-right leader. That’s exactly how Pupatello is promoting herself: as fiscally conservative and as being from outside the GTA. Taken together with her cabinet experience, she claims these attributes make her the lone candidate with the “electability” factor needed to fight the Tories and NDP in a provincial election.

Kathleen Wynne (3 to 1): She came a disappointing second last weekend when she won just 25 per cent of the elected delegates. Her chances of winning the leadership would have improved dramatically if she had been ahead of Pupatello at this stage. A favourite of the left-wing downtown Toronto crowd, her growth potential on second and third ballots is seen as limited outside of Toronto.

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