02.28.2013 01:20 PM

Andy Manahan deserves our thanks

This takes guts. More need to do likewise.

Would he get off again? Don’t know. But an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is perhaps coming soon on Ford’s first foray into conflict of interest, and I hear that it may not end well for His Worship.


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    Ed Frink says:

    I hope the Supreme Court bars him from holding elected office ever again. Rob Ford winning the mayoral race is an affront to democracy.

    And football is far too testosterone fueled, I also don’t like it.

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    Bluegreenblogger says:

    I thought I was acclimatised to the Fordian slips, but this was no slip! It isn’t posturing, Ignorance of conflict guidelines doesn’t enter into it. It is purely and simply contempt for the law. I am at a loss for words, I really do not know how ANYBODY could defend this. Anybody receivingthese letters will KNOW that the law was broken by sending them, and that the sender is content to ignore any limits on his behaviour.. They will really feel under threat if they do not cough up a chunk of dough.
    In essence Ford is saying: I can do anything I want, because Ford Nation will forgive me anything. Let me rub your noses in it. THE LAW DOES NOT APPLY TO ME. So cough up some dough FOR THE KIDS, or you will never see another nickle of city $$.

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    Steven Sands says:

    Justice Hackland declared that His Worship had a “stubborn sence of entitlement” and a “dismissive” attitude towards the Code of Conduct and the Integrity Commissioner.

    Like the Bourbons who never learned and never forgot, the Fords saw the Court of Appeal ruling ( i.e. based on a narrow tecnhical legal issue of jurisdiction) as a green light to carry on with their contemptuous attitude.

    And somehow, he manages to stay ahead in the polls.

    Looks good on you, Toronto!!

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