02.22.2013 08:51 AM

Big gamble

As a former Kingston resident – and as a guy whose Mom is still there – I find this poll quite interesting. That is a solid Liberal seat.

If Ontario Liberals want to get re-elected, therefore, they need to cool it on the casino stuff. Big time.


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    dillon says:

    Yep get rid of Godfrey. Reverse his plan to dismantle
    racetracks and make the existing Casinos competitive with the
    Americans by allowing same comps Seneca is booming. Niagara is
    empty. Why?.

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    Cromwell says:

    Gambling is like prostitution in the public mind – nobody much objects, as long as it is kept out of their faces. Governments would do well to take this hypocrisy into account when deciding where to put casinos.

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    Paul Virdo says:

    Warren – I hope you will be heard. Would you agree that the entire OLG modernization strategy be paused for some sober second thought?

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    J.W. says:

    Ditto, wind turbines.

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    mrburnsns says:

    Wow – there is already a casino in Gananoque, which is maybe a 20 minute drive. Probably just a way to have Queen’s/RMC/SLC students who don’t have cars pay more “tuition” at the blackjack tables.

    I’m actually surprised the opposition is that low given my time in Kingston – I can’t see anyone downtown thinking it was a remotely good idea. If you did a poll in the old Kingston city limits I could see the numbers being much much worse.

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    Ian says:

    Godfrey and his house lackeys have saddled the province with a policy that is based on the premise that since our casinos are losing market share the only sensible thing to do is have more casinos and while were at it lets privatize the lotteries and give the bingo hall operators a really sweet deal. Combine this with the opportunity to finish off any chances the Liberal Party has in those ridings with rural ties and you might guess Godfrey was a conservative working as Hudak’s mole in the OlG.
    His board is so completely tied to the gaming industry that you can understand why in the OLG’s modernization of gaming you can find the rationalization for their plan that says our stakeholders ( gaming companies ) are upset with the loss of the young adult demographic. With no real discussion they set out to remedy this by increasing the availability of gaming to never before considered levels.
    Yes gaming needed to be reconfigured and sure the slots at racetracks program had flaws but to letting a hack like Godfrey try to fix it in one year invites disaster. Duncan really screwed this up and Wynne better fix it or seats will be lost that the Liberal party can ill afford .

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