02.13.2013 04:00 AM

Fight The Right hits Oshawa!

Federal Grits, here we go!


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    John Matheson says:

    As a neighbor in this situation, the question is the f**king ethanol plant Flaherty and his political machine (which runs rampant through all 3 ridings) wish to impose on the Oshawa waterfront after ramming the f**king Port Authority through on the residents pretty well without their consent.

    The Liberals have been pretty weak out here, and even in the rural areas they are being beaten by the NDP by 3-2. There are also union people out here who are not to happy with McGuinty any more.

    If you can get noticed about the f**king ethanol plant out here, you will be more than just a federal liberal association meeting.

    Litigation, not Pontification!

    Just sayin’.

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