02.22.2013 03:44 PM

Frankster vs. Puffster


I know the whole sad tale (believe me, I’ve heard it from both Bate and Duffy, ad infinitum), so it sort of bores me now.  What I liked to read again, however, is Bate’s wordsmithing.  He still has a style that still makes me laugh out loud.

Of course, I remain unimpressed that he let one of his underlings (the Deflower Caroline Mulroney Contest guy) publish our home address in Ottawa – thereby leading to late-night visits by neo-Nazis, and ongoing police protection, including that nice officer who camped out in our guest bedroom for quite a while, operating various surveillance equipment – but it was fun to read Bate’s prose again.

Michael Bate is 107.


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    Michael S says:

    Ouch. That’s a media-feeder. They’re eating it up. The little reminder that he pissed on his CTV buddies is enough to keep people busy.

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    Katie Elison says:

    Despite years of therapy, I’ve never got over the recurring trauma of Chatelaine magazine selecting Duffy as one of “Canada’s 10 sexiest men!”

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    KP says:

    One thing about said underling – he’s a bottom-feeder, don’t get me wrong here – is he’s one of the few people to actually get a response out of your bully colleague who couldn’t sell a conservative magazine in Alberta on Twitter. Makes for a good afternoon to watch the grenades lobbed from each side if it’s a slow day at work.

    As for Duffy, he’s a parasite. I suspect he’ll be replaced by John Ibbitson – oh, wouldn’t he just love that? – in the Senate should this saga not blow over in due time.

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    steve says:

    I have written to my MPP asking him to tell me why Duffy and Wallin are not being investigated for healthcare fraud.

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