02.06.2013 07:35 AM

I write funeral songs: Secret of Immortality

Damian Abraham is the leader of Canada’s greatest band, and one of the world’s greatest bands, Fucked Up. They are more than good; they are god-like geniuses.

Last night, Damian tweeted that he wants a song Ras Pierre and I wrote in the Hot Nasties, ‘Secret of Immortality,’ played at his funeral. I hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon – but here’s his tweet, and beneath it a link to the song, in which you hear Pierre doing what he and I used to call his “fiddly bits,” and me pontificating (per usual) about life and death and Norman Rockwell. In a nasally, twangy teenaged vox, age 17 or so.


  1. patrick says:

    That’s a pretty great song. Reminds me of the Diodes.

  2. John says:

    Yeah that is a great song. Doesn’t remind me of the Diodes though… maybe Wreckless Eric… or one of those bands Moe Berg was in before he came to Toronto.

  3. Not that Gord says:

    Awesome. I love that. It’s the folk music of my generation. About ten years later some friend of mine had a band called Swiller, based out of Brandon, MB. They had my favourite punk rock t shirts ever. Their logo and this legend underneath: “Fuck the sound check. Let’s get drunk.” And we did.

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