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My apologies to Kingston

…I’m not there today to speak at Queen’s.

The weather hasn’t been particularly cooperative, this week. But the main reason is Son One.

That hit that he got at the London tournament, weeks ago? The one that did not result in any call by the ref?

Turns out his hip was fractured. So we finally got in to Sick Kid’s only today to see a specialist. Been waiting for a long time.

So, my apologies to those in Kingston who wanted to meet.

And my apologies to those who think kid’s hockey is in any way sane.

It isn’t.

7 Responses to “My apologies to Kingston”

  1. Kevin says:

    Best wishes to Son One.

  2. sharonapple says:

    Yikes. I hope your son gets well soon.

  3. Les Miller says:

    Just echoing the others in offering my best wishes for your son, but I believe it’s important to actually say it.

  4. Tdotdaver says:

    Warren – best wishes to your son’s quick recovery but I think you may be misplacing your anger…the ref that missed the call could not have prevented the hit. That’s comes down to coaching and character. Your house, your rules but imho your ire should lie with the opposing team’s coaching staff and the league commissioners.

  5. J.W. says:

    All the best: Basketball, winter; Soccer, summer; fewer goons and idiots on and off the field. And Cheaper. But one of mine who loved Soccer decided to jack it up a notch to Rugby and broke a collarbone.

  6. So very sorry that this happened to Son One. Sending good thoughts for a solid recovery.

  7. MCBellecourt says:

    Oh, lord, my body hurts just thinking about it…I’ll add my voice to wishing your No. One Son a speedy and full recovery.

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