02.23.2013 01:34 PM

Power to the people

My Mom, living in Kingston as she does, is happy about this. So too all of her friends and neighbours. Story here.

Can the provincial government ignore something like this? Not if they want to keep that seat.



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    patrick says:

    None of this casino stuff makes sense to me. While it claims to create jobs, it’s going to decimate the horse industry and lots of rural farmers. The social costs to a major city is well documented with the failure of local entertainment and concentration of gambling addicts, drugs and prostitution. The money to the city bounces from number to number with no proof. And, finally, it is so politically risky that it is almost suicidal.
    So the question is, who owns who?
    Oh, and of course, the Fords are for it.

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    J.W. says:

    I think in the City of Orillia which has a major casino nearby the positive spin offs can be described in one word: NIL.

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    WDM says:

    Kingston’s one of my favourite places in the country. One of it’s best qualities, now that I think of it, is that you could never picture something like a casino there.

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    Ian says:

    The modernization of gaming is proving to be bad policy and bad politics. The rush to expand gaming to unheard of levels in the province by Paul Godfrey and his gaming allies on the board of the OLG will not produce the promised revenue and will cost the Liberal Party more seats. Yes gaming needed to be examined and reconfigured but by trying to do it in one year and pitting municipalities against each other , killing horse racing , and privatizing the lotteries ( much like the 407 ) Duncan and Godfrey have created havoc without doing anything for the province or Liberal Party. When his grandiose predictions don’t come true and American gaming companies start exporting their profits there will be hell to pay. Kathleen Wynne had better step in and slow down the process and make sense of it or she will have her own scandal to rival Ornge or Energy.

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    P T Barnum says:

    my father always used to say that casinos/gambling was a tax on the poor …

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    John says:

    Casinos are the “Reverse Robin Hoods”.

    They rob from the poor and give to the rich. There is absolutely nothing good about them.

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    Bill Temleman says:

    We are fighting the same battle in Peterborough. The business associations are gung-ho casino, while everyone else is opposed. And the OLG has reportedly provided substantial funding to assorted charities on the condition they don’t speak out against the proposed casino. Didn’t we used to call that “hush money”? Rubbish….

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