02.12.2013 10:31 AM

Why Fidlar may be the most important band in the history of the world

Fidlar is a band from L.A.  Their name is an acronym: Fuck it, dog, life’s a risk.  There are four of them, they are social blemishes, and they are perhaps the greatest band in the history of humankind.

If you were to fuse Black Flag, the Libertines, Birthday Party, Circle Jerks, Fear, Gun Club, Ramones and the Cramps, you would get something like Fidlar.  They sing about getting drunk, getting stoned, being broke and – lots – skateboarding.  They don’t care about school, politics, or anything beyond the next ten minutes. In this way, they are the summit of all rock’n’roll achievement.

My fave band remains the Menzingers, but Fidlar are in the Pennsylvania quartet’s rear-view mirror.  They are everything bands today are not: loud, snotty, passionate, young and committed.  Also, they should be committed.

If I was young again, I’d quit everything, and follow them around North America. I love them that much. (They’re in Toronto on April 5, and Montreal the next night.)

They have a pile of self-made videos on the Internet.  Here is one of them, featuring the enigmatic Alice, a girl who is found in many of them.  Watch it, and see why Fidlar should rule the planet.


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    patrick says:

    Had to go on youtube to listen. Awesome. Cheap beer, indeed!

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    Ryan says:

    Toronto and Montreal… too bad there are no music promoters or venues in Ottawa, Canada’s fourth-largest metropolitan area, capital, and right between Toronto and Montreal.

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    John says:

    I’m not a huge fan of their music but that is one seriously awesome video.

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    ray says:

    this sounds like a ramped up version of HELP by you know… those four English guys from long ago.

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    steve says:

    This is a subject just dying for a song.

    Stephen sat beside me on the chairlift and now I am skiing in prision
    the RCMP ran out of crime so they took to the lifts to drop the dime

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    Jeff says:

    They opened for the Hives this summer at Sound Academy and killed. Don’t Try EP is only a taste of what those guys can do.
    I’m out of town and writing an exam the next day, but am jealous of anyone that gets to see that show.
    If you ask me, Wavves also knows a thing or two about making beautiful sounds.

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