03.21.2013 10:51 AM

A taste of Sunday’s column: on Canada’s Jewish leadership

Something I have wanted to say for quite some time. I’ll have plenty more to say on Sunday:

“…Historically, Canada’s Jewish community’s lobby efforts were always smart. The Canadian Jewish Congress on the centre-left, the B’nai Brith on the centre-right, and the Canada Israel Committee (CIC) handling “international” issues. Then, in 2011, these organizations were effectively destroyed to create something called the Council for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). CIJA then promptly transformed itself into a propaganda arm of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Full disclosure: I was proudly on the board of the CIC for a while, but became incensed when I learned that Canadian far-right Muslim-haters were being feted in Israel, and travelling there with CIC leadership. My experience was not unique. Many progressives have watched, in despair, as Jewish leaders have moved ever farther to the right.”

March 2010: Kathy Shaidle and Canada Israel Committee VP Sara Faber-Freedman on flight to Israel.


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    bigcitylib says:

    BB still operates separately, doesn’t it?

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    Pcase22 says:

    Not to take away from the seriousness of the issue, but unless that motor-coach can fly, I believe that is ground transport.

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    KP says:

    A white supremacist photo bomb. Not shown: Shaidle asking to bum a couple bucks for lunch.

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    John Coastals says:

    You say, “CIJA then promptly transformed itself into a propaganda arm of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

    They say, the Liberal Party’s chief policy strategist Alexandre Trudeau is under the influence of Press-TV, the propaganda arm of the Iranian regime.

    We are beyond irate that Canada is now viewed merely as a place to wage propagandic proxy wars by BOTH sides.

    From the King David Hotel bombing to 9/11, Ishmael or Isaac don’t give a fuck about anyone but their own tribes. If you eat pork or have a foreskin or aren’t obsessed with holy wars you’re just a dog in their self-righteous eyes. Why should I care? Why?

    You might want to factor in our Soviet legacy too:

    “Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa described operation “SIG” (“Zionist Governments”) that was devised in 1972, to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the United States. KGB chairman Yury Andropov allegedly explained to Pacepa that
    “a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter, the United States” (Wiki).

    Extremist movements never operate in a vacuum.

    The great thought-problem hindering both the Liberals and Conservatives, is you feel you must pander to religious fanatics. The reality is, those that practice genital mutilation on infants and children have automatically disqualified themselves from “progressive”.

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      wsam says:


      I spotted some factual errors in your post.

      1) It is simply untrue that the Soviets tricked the Islamic world into hating Jewish people and the United States. I don’t even think the United States was Isreal’s main supporter in the early 1970s. If I were you I would check that wiki quote, sometimes they are not 100% accurate. You don’t want to be running around the internet spouting off stuff that isn’t true. It’s a waste of pixels.

      2) Alexander Trudeau is not the Liberal Party’s chief policy strategist. He is Johnny Depp’s stand-in on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, he does not act according to orders issued by the current Iranian regime. That is a foolish thing to believe.

      3) It is also untrue that if you circumcise your son you cannot be a progressive. Many progressives of all faiths and inclinations have had their sons circumcised. Some beleive it to be hygenic and what is more progressive than good hygene?

      Hope this clears things up.

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        po'd says:

        I never did get the big deal about the bit of skin. I know I’ve never missed it and at my age it’s just one less thing to drag around.

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          Sam Malone says:

          Evidently, both you and most of the readers today have proved my point; that is, the repeated psychic shocks, of which genital mutilation is just one of many, have achieved their desired purpose: learned helplessness, passivity, servility, conformity to the social mores of the tribe, the cult. We wonder why the Middle East and the world is filled with violence; surely there is no better organizing metaphor than the image of adults holding down innocent babies and children to perform the barbaric rituals of genital mutilation. Deaf to the screams and howls of pain. Blind to the blood. The breaking of the maternal bond. The bloody sacrifice of the foreskin or clitoris today, the sacrifice of the suicide bomber tomorrow. Desensitization. Denial. The cult of death.

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            Jason King says:

            You didn’t make a point prior to this. You need to get back to Cheers. Norm needs a beer

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      Torgo says:

      Funny, I thought the shape-shifting reptilians were to blame…

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    patrick says:

    First time I saw that woman was on The Agenda. After listening to her for 2 minutes I couldn’t understand why Paiken was giving a rancid ball of pus like her time to express her nonsense.
    She was stupid, claiming Obama to be a socialist professor and incapable of listening to any other opinion not in line with her own.
    And it appears she is quit happy to accept every freebee she can get her fingers on.

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    Jim Hayes says:

    BCL is right, B’nai Brith still operates though you would never know it and it is now so far to the right it makes Harper look like a socialist.

    Ever since the demise of the Canadian Jewish Congress the voice of the mainstream Jewish community seems to have been silenced. I have not heard this new entity speak out on any social justice issues, human rights matters not even anti-Semitism.

    It’s been a great loss not just for Jews but for Canadians in general.

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    Sunny Blastovsky says:


    Exceedingly well written copy and why Jews/Israelis are flocking to the Conservative Party …

    got to tighten up your team, your message …

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    JamesHalifax says:

    Harper has never been concerned about the Muslim vote, he’s concerned about supporting the only civilized country in the region. One that shares Canadian values. Religion has nothing to do with it.

    When the Liberal Party starts seeing the Jewish-Palestinian issue through the same lens as folks like Libby Davies or Meghan Leslie, one should not be surprised when Jewish folks flock to the Conservative Party. Harper doesn’t believe in moral equivalence, and he doesn’t concern himself with the fact that there are more Muslim’s in Canada than Jews. That’s Liberal Party math…and Harper doesn’t play that game.

    that being said, I’m sure Irwin Cotler is quite upset about where his Party has been leaning lately. It will be especially troublesome once Trudeau is the new leader…given the views of Trudeaus brother with regards to Israel.

    I’m just waiting for Irwin to pull the plug and leave the Liberal Party when he realizes that Harper is right, and the Liberal Party leans even further left as they try to steal NDP support. Simple math. More muslims than Jews……..the answer is obvious.

    If you’re a liberal.

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    wsam says:

    Conservatives attacked Irwin Colter in the last election for being anti-Israel. It is literally insane to think Irwin Colter is anti-Israel. His kids served in the IDF!! To win his riding Conservatives in Montreal labeled him as someone who hated Israel. And, yet, James of Halifax posits Stephen Harper as someone who shuns moral equivalence, sticking to his principles, damn the electoral consequences.

    Apparently it is the Liberals who are hunched over their calculators, slicing up the electorate into winnable slices and then executing strategies to win those slices. Not the Conservatives, paragon of moral rectitude that they are. That is some high road the Conservatives are taking.

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    Dr David says:

    Sir, whatever the excesses of the “right-wing” in Israel, surely you don’t believe that the intensity of hatred or tactics is less in the Islamofascist sphere; I would guard against this mental process:

    Man cannot become a turncoat without justifying his actions to himself. When Holland surrendered to the German army in 1940, we saw this general mechanism of mental surrender operating in several people who had been staunch anti-Nazis. “Maybe there is something good in Nazism,” they told themselves as they saw the tremendous show of German strength. Those who were the victims of their own initial mental surrender and need to justify things, who could not stop and say to themselves “Hold on here; think this out,” became traitors and collaborators. They were completely taken in by the enemy’s show of strength. The same process of self-justification and justifying the enemy started in the P.O.W camps.

    You experience 9/11, you think of the burning towers and think to yourself, “My God, the genius of that! The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure.” You think like Joseph Chamberlain, “we must appease these people.”

    You look at the quagmire that is Afghanistan and think; they defeated the Russians (with American help!), how can we win?

    You observe obedient wives and children, and young men deferring to their elders at Reviving Islamic Spirit and marvel to yourself at the calm orderliness of it all, forgetting the wives are under the veil, clitoris removed, and transgression are met with the belt, the back of the hand. Indeed, this is social order through societal lobotomization.

    Further study:

    Dr. David

    Team Gideon, Special Psychological Unit

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    A guest here says:

    In the last provincial election Conservatives attacked Bernie Farber for being anti Israel as well. It seems there is a mantra here and sadly many in the Jewish community seem to have drunk the kool-aid.

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