03.31.2013 09:58 PM

Bad Religion, right now, who I love

And, as I remind my children all the time, the lead singer has a Ph.D and teaches at Cornell.



  1. fonestar says:

    Cool a PHD! Should be about as good as toilet paper when the Canadian housing market crashes and your PHD kids have to compete with real intellectuals from the eastern hemisphere!

  2. Liam says:

    It really was a pretty great show – they basically played a few from the new album, a smattering of mid-late stuff, but I was also struck partway through the set that it was strongly weighted to bring out the old hits. They probably played fully half of the roster from All Ages, which was the first CD I ever actually owned. There may be more tracks I like a little better, but as a pure nostalgia trip, it hit close to home.

    Also, I bought this: http://instagram.com/p/XjMuFdxRXZ/

    I haven’t quite yet been able to put into words the sensation that bringing that thing home brought up in me. Time has marched on, and it’s a hell of a thing, but I also can’t wait to actually sit him down and play him his first Bad Religion record, teach him all the words, look up “quixotic” or “theophany” in the dictionary for him.

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It had been far too long since I’d seen them (fate had conspired to cancel/rain out/take me away for work for most of the last decade whenever I was supposed to be near a BR concert).

  3. MNT says:

    Oh man! I wanted to go but it didn’t work out. Hope you had a blast!

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