03.17.2013 10:01 AM

Custom punk Irish gear

Modelled by Son Two and me!



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    Dave Mustard says:

    I always like to read a few pages from Johnny Rotten/John Lydon’s autobiography No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs (1993) – you probably have too.

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    John Toner says:

    Over a hundred years ago, D’Arcy McGee advocated a new nationality in Canada, to escape the sectarianism of Ireland. Moderating his Irish nationalist views, McGee denounced the Fenian Brotherhood in America that advocated a forcible takeover of Canada from Britain by the United States. Following the Confederation of Canada, McGee was elected to the 1st Canadian Parliament in 1867 as a Liberal-Conservative representing the riding of Montreal West.

    McGee worked energetically for continued Canadian devotion to the British Empire seeing in imperialism the protection Canada needed from American manifest destiny. On April 7, 1868 McGee was assassinated. Patrick J. Whelan, a Fenian sympathizer was accused, tried, convicted and publicly hanged for the crime.

    The sectarian nightmare of Ireland is the result of backward thinking on both sides – one recalls Ian Paisley’s “Save Ulster from Sodomy” campaign targeting and demonizing non-heterosexuals on the one side, and on the other, the Provisional IRA, moving from vigilantism, to accepting bribes from particular drug gangs and then to carrying out assassinations of rivals to their own dealers. This is primitive, dark, bestial stuff.

    Perhaps this is one reason the Liberal Party is doing so poorly – you really have no grasp of history or actual social realities. Are we to assume that non-Catholics and/or Anglo-Saxons are third class travelers in the Liberal Party? Do you want to sow discord? Are you really trading in the politics of race/tribe/sect? I will remind you of the Prime Minister’s apology to Aboriginals on behalf of “Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Churches.” Let that be your organizing metaphor for sectarian “purity” in the “New World.”

    Good evening to you sir.

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      Warren says:

      Hey John: they’re just band T shirts.

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        Orlando Radzinsky says:

        You know full well in our nasty business, this wilderness of mirrors, that nothing is ever “just” something…

        But, staying on the surface, “lifestyle marketing” and all that:

        a) Social Distortion is a glorified Torches of Freedom campaign for heroin traders.

        b) The DM’s are essentially a Democratic Party front group – not saying that is all bad, except, we well know, that your people wanted to preserve those oil contracts with Saddam …

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      Ted B says:

      Was this reply meant for Warren’s St. Patrick’s Day post, perhaps/

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