03.01.2013 10:22 AM

In like a lamb or a lion? It’s March in Ontario politics

March starts as neither a lamb nor a lion, but with a fascinating report. It suggests Tim Hudak has trouble – but, then again, if the Ontario PCs move decisively ahead in the polls, the dough they need will be found and/or freed up. ┬áBankers like winners, of any stripe.

(And spending more money, of course, isn’t what wins every campaign. If that were so, Mitt Romney would President, this morning, and not Barack Obama.)

What’s absent from the report is what the Ontario NDP is thinking. With one opponent lagging in fundraising, and the other lagging in popular support, they can be forgiven for feeling a bit bullish, as an uncertain March makes it debut.


  1. Michael says:

    Are the NDP in any better shape financially than the PCs? Will bankers willing to lend to them?

  2. Jim Hayes says:

    A friend attended a very high end fund raiser for the ONDP last night at the AGO, something like $1500-4500 a piece to hobnob with Andrea. Not a huge turnout but when some in the media rag on Kathleen for doing same and remain quiet here it pisses me off.

  3. !o! says:

    It makes for a good line of attack on the party

    “Tim Hudak can’t even keep his party’s finances in order, why does he think he can get the entire province out of debt?”

  4. Philippe says:

    Obama was a fundraising machine. He spent just about as much as Romney: http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/campaign-finance

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