03.23.2013 03:23 PM

Proud father update

Daughter has now been accepted to King’s College, Trent, Brock and Lakehead. With potentially more to come.

Mixed in with the paternal pride, of course, is the realization that your kid is way smarter than you.


  1. Joseph Krengel says:

    Be wary of Trent. That school is a shell of its former self, and a Liberal Arts education from there isn’t worth the paper its printed on. (As an aside, they happen to print their diplomas on the photocopier in the registration office.)

    Check out this film for more insight:


  2. bigcitylib says:

    If you can walk and talk, you can go to Brock. Mind you, I attended “if you can hold a fork, you can go to” York. Don’t let ’em stay on campus. Debauchery is all you learn there.

  3. Pipes says:

    Dude-I went to Kings and my daughter went to Lakehead and is now a teacher on a native reserve in northern Ontario. So should your daughter wish to hear from people who were there and their experience and quality of ed-you know where I am. Mine won’t count because I graduated in the 70’s and my recollections of drunken and disorderly connect won’t help. Just keep her off the Rugby team.

    Man I remember your kids as toddlers. We are getting old. You have done well to keep so much hair.

  4. Lynn says:

    Just a caution: NS universities are too many and very unfunded. The province cannot afford to maintain 5 major universities and several communities colleges and all the admin and presidents (and huge egos) that accompany them. If she has to take many courses at Dal you may want to think hard about the choice, since Dal focuses a great deal on graduate and professional degrees there is often not enough attention paid to the undergrad experience and education. Sadly, my greater fear is the general level of crime in Halifax – lots of guns and knives and unsolved crime, very scary. And, good for you Dad, you must feel good to see her have these choices & more to come (when not shedding a tear for where did the time go?) — If she goes to Brock, I have family members working there – we can make sure she is safe — just ask 🙂

  5. Sean says:

    I hope she is studying tech or science or she will be back in your basement sooner than you think!

  6. Wayne says:

    I’ll simply say…Congratulations! I’m sure she’ll be happy where ever she decides to go.

  7. kitt says:

    Congratulations proud dad

  8. Man in the North says:

    I concur about Trent. Was a great university once but was wrestled to the ground during the Mike Harris years . . . strangled most of its political and activist nature

  9. Mark N says:

    Congrats, daddy Kinsella.

    I was kicked out of Brock in the 80’s, which is probably as good a reason for her to go there as any.

  10. Ridiculosity says:

    “In university they don’t tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools.” – Doris Lessing

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