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April 4, 1968

As I have done for years – and as I have remembered since that day, when I was a boy in Dallas – today I remember the death of Martin Luther King.  As before, this segment from his most-remembered speech.


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    Theresa Shaver says:

    written and presented of any speech I have heard. I have presented the speech at a Toastmasters meeting and appreciated the power of the words and that some of the dreams have come true. I work toward helping make all of Dr. Martin Luther`s dreams come true. Unfortunately, there are still some people who work to make sure they never come true. Thanks for posting this Warren.

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    Nasty Bob says:

    Here is about all I can remember from grade 3:

    On Friday, the day after the assassination, classes were cancelled. I suspect our school’s closure came not out of reverence for the reverend but rather for fear for our safety lest we be caught up in any lingering “race riots” that had broke out upon the horrible news.

    On Monday, when school resumed, our first lesson was about banking (deposits, withdraws, cheques and NSF). Our next lesson was about good character and how to be one. From there we moved to history and the emancipation proclamation. In the afternoon our teacher told us we were going to learn about “wordcraft” as she called it. She put on a vinyl lp of that speech and we listened to it the whole way through. Then she played it again but picked up the needle at various points and, using what we had been taught earlier in the day, dissected the meaning and message of Dr. King’s dream.

    On Tuesday we were joined by other grade 3 classes because the school didn’t have enough TVs for all the classrooms. We watched his funeral live in complete silence- except for the occasional muted sob coming from one or another of our teachers. When it was over one of the teachers said ” Dr. King may be dead but I and all of the teachers will keep his dream alive and you, children -you have the special power to make his dream come true”

    This all happened in Kentucky. During the civil war Kentucky was officially with the union but in reality was one of the southern slave holding states. Perhaps more than anywhere it was the place where friends, family and neighbours were most torn between the sides. Even in 1968 jim crow lurked around every corner. I remember signs still in place marking out the “coloreds” washrooms, water fountains and waiting areas. Yet, on that day, in that all white school the all white teachers cried an implored us to make dreams reality.

    On Wednesday, at recess, we had a big problem. Traditionally when it came to choosing up sides for red-rover or kickball or the rare snowball fight we would divide up into union and confederate teams. However, that day and from then on, not a single kid was willing to take up the rebel banner.

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    Jemery says:

    I hope Justin wins this next election. Justin will fulfill the DREAM his father had for Canada. I believe in the government regulation of things that are most important to society like health care, education and I would hope to see the government become even more involved in the management of public works transportation and infrastructure. I believe in multiculturalism and ethnic diversity and want to see the immigration process streamlined so as to have more immigrants of colour, especially from African and middle east countries. I want to see more protection for minority members of society such as people of colour, women, transgender, gays, students and the impoverished. I want to see an end to the white male heterosexual elite wealthy establishment that has been trying to destroy the core elements of the definition of Canada as a multicultural nation. I believe that Justin was meant to follow in the foot steps of his great father and carry on the dream that his father had for Canada.

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