04.04.2013 04:37 PM

National Post: the Harper Conservatives are “jerks”

Mother, fetch me the smelling salts! I think I’m going to faint!

“But with the economy growing slowly, and even Alberta’s oil wealth underperforming, the Tories must now confront the possibility that their whole plan might not be achievable. A good place to start, and start immediately, would be softening the image. Bluntly, not coming across as such jerks.

That means no more omnibus bills rammed through Parliament. No more nickle and diming veterans. No more comparing the opposition to child pornographers (pretty much no more Vic Toews whatsoever, actually). No more helicopter rides back from fishing trips. No more pretty gazebos. No more shutting down your own MPs when they want to debate a contentious motion. If it’s at all possible to avoid the appearance of not caring about Africans dying of thirst, that’d be great, too. And let’s not even get started on Senator Brazeau.

None of the above issues are fatal in and of themselves. But they, and many more, add up.”

Yep. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau today achieved the support of 120 per cent of Canadian voters. Film at eleven.


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    Bill Case says:

    Justin Trudeau is just a construct of the liberal media and backroomers. Once as leader he will fold like cheap suit to the chagrin of his supporters.

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      Michael Bussiere says:

      The National Post represents the liberal media in your mind? That tells us alot about your mind. There is nothing, virtually nothing to dislike about Justin. Harper, on the other hand, is a conniving cardboard cut-out who is a construct of Preston Manning and Tom Flanagan.

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      Brian mouland says:

      Another Bieber sans the staying power

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    Philippe says:

    I think we can win the next election, regardless of vote-splitting. When even the National Post slams the Cons, you know they’re on their way down.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    ROFL, I followed that link on National Newswatch, and the original article was switched for a much sweeter reading ( to the Tories that is) article.

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      bluegreenblogger says:

      My mistake, National newswatch must have mixed up the link, as it directs to a Sun article, not the NP one. Which artcile incidentally, probably sums up what a lot of Canadians are thinking neatly. The Conservatives are a bunch of Jerks, so why not a Trudeau? He’s cute, he isn’t nasty at all, or Angry either. Likeable guy, whose father was just groovy. ( I use a dated term like groovy advisedly, since it is older Canadians leading the charge to Trudeau)
      I know it is only a poll, but it is now every polling company duplicatingthese results. I know there is about a million years until the next election, but it is still nice to see the potential. Lets just cross our fingers that the whole damned Liberal Party can settle down with their new leader, and start recruiting all those groovy Canadians, lol.

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    Waldemar Kord says:

    Con functionaries are going self-negative while the grits stay non-neg about neg? What does that even mean?

    “Plan” being a euphemism for the establishment of a quasi-theocracy with the rest of us reduced to serfs – including most Albertans.

    Seems to me, the proverbial basket of vipers biting each other is an adequate narrative to go neg with – if the Dear Leader does indeed decide to go that route at some point in the future.

    Interesting times.

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    Ken Cellszanazole says:

    Scot has it just right. Justin will mop the floor with these jerks.

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    Brad Young says:

    Those stupid Action Plan ads might actually be starting to hurt Harper. Even people, who have little interest in politics are starting to gag when they see them.

    If Harper is down in the polls coming up to the next election, he won’t run, he is a coward.

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    Bugzy says:

    Not only are those action Plan ads on the radio and television disgusting, there action plan highway projects are still standing. One wants to get an axe chop them down and burn them or better yet dump them on Parliament hill or on Harper’s front door.

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      MCBellecourt says:

      My kingdom for a ladder truck and a can of spray paint. I can be pretty creative when I set my evil little mind to it.

      (tee hee)

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