04.10.2013 09:10 AM

National Post/Maclean’s writer Yoni Goldstein mocks Rehtaeh Parsons’ death


  1. po'd says:

    Yoni who scribbles for the National Post seeks flame war. Uses dead child for launch pad.

  2. Jon Adams says:

    C’mon Yoni. You gotta put a “u mad bro” at the end of that to put the exclamation point on that joyless, predictable, juvenile, kind of desperate, attention whoring troll-post.

  3. Thomas O'Donnell says:

    As this story unfolds & is revealed
    I am so disappointed as a man, as a Canadian .. as a person
    No.. I am also lessened, angry.. weakened .. incredibly concerned
    and as a parent I am shamed, struck dumb..
    at such senseless loss of a vibrant young person

    Our collective remorse, our quest for understanding
    our respect for her loss, and to family, friends
    should be exemplary, strong and caring, now ..
    even if it was missing earlier when truly needed

    To attack or bully the living is cowardice
    to do so by demeaning the dead is depraved, rabid
    typical of those without souls or minds
    empty persons with no power

    For any family that loses a child
    I would hope I could in the tiniest way
    ease their pain.. or support them in some way
    while knowing their pain could never ever pass

    The family of Canada must close around this family and friends
    as we should around all those in times of need, tragedy and loss
    This is what we do ..

    The reckoning comes later..
    and must be just & complete

  4. Darcy Dyer says:

    ew…this Yoni isn’t even a good writer

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sick, can’t wait to see you outside

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