04.23.2013 02:32 PM

Sun News CRTC video! Watch it right here, instead of on channel 564!

And who’s the first guy you see? The House Commie™, me!


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    CuJoYYC says:

    “Canadian news content powerhouse”

    ROTFLMFAO Best thing I’ve seen all day. And by best, I mean the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. I’m sure the other patrons of the (locally owned and operated) coffee shop are wondering why I was laughing out loud.

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    Philippe says:

    That Network doesn’t produce news, they produce Conservative party propaganda. Those yahoos do nothing to advance intelligent debate.

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    repool says:

    I would never have known that the “starving” chief was reallly eating, not on a hunger strike, but actually eating a broth that she could live off of. I enjoy the fact that they are covering the BC election, and am finding out that the leading parties are all against the shipping of oil. They would rather have other forms of employment, no need for more evil ships in the harbour. How scary that they can dictate what our policies are for national energy strategy now .

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      smelter rat says:

      Why do you give them any credibility? how do you know what they are ‘reporting” is remotely connected to the truth? Their record on accuracy is not one that inspires confidence.

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        repool says:

        They showed me the NDP commercial, and they even made the CBC changed their “hunger strike” to a “limited diet” statement. Hey the CBC isn’t no great Gatsby either, when you don’t ask good or any questions their is bound to be wrongs.

        I don’t rely on a single source. I actually go to many sources for news and get my questions answered usually not on the CBC or CTV; due to lack of asking relevant or needed questions. Allowing a leader to have 3 takes on a single question (and even then not understanding the question) is hilariously not journalism, its just being a messenger.

        I’ll rely on them to ask questions, not the CBC or CTV. I haven’t watched CTV news in a year, the same stories as CBC.

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        Ottawa Civil Servant says:

        I read al-Jazeera, which is kind of like an English language version of Radio-Canada, the G&M, Post and Star. I watch Sun, CBC and CTV.

        Face it, Sun TV fills a void in the political and media spectrum. Even Ezra’s Ethical Oil raised an issue that needed a public discussion.

        CBC is biased, has suffered streams of complaints regarding its reporting, is so heavily invested in certain viewpoints (ie absolute collapse of the civilization if the planet warms 3 degrees, as per their Dr. Suzuki) that they couch every story, and yet still receive mandatory carriage fees on top of its $1B+/year government subsidy.

        It is time to say thank-you to the CBC for services rendered and embrace the fact that satellites and the internet make it redundent. Sell it, put 200$M into the arts and use the remaining $billion to build the best pipeline from Alberta to the coast money can buy. After that, fix Montreal’s collapsing highways, then Toronto’s retarded transit, and then every water facility in every native community in the country: You get the idea.

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          KP says:

          If Sun TV ‘fills a void’ as you claim, shouldn’t they be drawing more than dead air?

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    Bruce A says:

    I’ve watched lots of their ‘news’ for over a year or more and it’s mind numbing. Fortunately, I was being paid and didn’t piddle away time worthlessly because picking navel lint is more introspective. All I’ve learned is modern television is an utter waste land. They don’t cover news, they express opinions that are designed to inflame, not inform or illuminate. It’s a network that caters to people who want someone of alleged authority to confirm their beliefs.

    Then I heard Brian Lilley shilling for The Kooky, Shameless, Self-Promoter Glenn Beck.

    That said it all.

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    Tim says:

    I support WK, but I definitely don’t support Sun News. The reasons why have been reiterated above. Canada does not need a guarantee that citizens are subjected to the crap they deliver.

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    The Dude says:

    I support Warren, but on an actual news channel.

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      Briguyhfx says:

      Agreed. I will probably (once again) unsubscribe from cable if Sun gets it’s mandatory coverage. I will explain the reason to my current provider. Sorry, Warren, but I can’t support the likes of Lilley, Akin, Levant, Coren, etc., etc., even to the tune of ~18 cents a month.

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        Briguyhfx says:

        mandatory carriage* Doh!

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    Shepard says:

    As a semi-conservative Albertan, I can’t stand Sun News. Talk about hypocritical – they need to be beg to be on everyone’s TV in order to survive because they are not good enough to survive on the free market.

    Are the other news channels somewhat left-wing? Maybe very slightly. But no where near as off-the-wall wingnut right-wing as Sun News. Every story has to be about liberal bias. Or how the muslims are out to get us. Or that you should buy gold or Sierrasil. It’s too bad that Warren has to associate with such a channel.

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