04.12.2013 06:00 AM

Wherein Hurricane Hazel becomes the Mendacious Mayor

To wit:

“McCallion also testified Thursday — repeating her testimony at the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry in 2010 — that she did not know at the time of the vote that her son was a principal of the World Class Developments or that WCD could have qualified for the lower fees being grandfathered in by Fennell’s motion. McCallion said it was “very dark” in the restaurant where, in January 2007, she signed as witness to a document naming her son as a shareholder in WCD.”

What a load of crap. Even Rob Ford didn’t spin tales like that, at his own conflict of interest hearing – which, ironically, involved far less money and had far less damning facts.

Time to join the new Century, Mississauga. Get rid of her.


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    patrick says:

    You read one book on city development and you realize how much of a long term disaster Hazel’s reign has been. 25 years of urban sprawling, with no core, no infrastructure and no imagination.
    “But our taxes were low”.
    Yeah, and now look at what you are going to have to pay for in bad economic times.
    I know, a genius in retrospect, but I’ve felt this for quit awhile, what I can’t understand is where were the voices of people far smarter than I pointing out Hazel’s failings?
    Or are we all swept up by the image of a “spunky grandmother on ice skates”.

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    Justin says:

    Quiet warren! You may draw the ire of hazelbots. The Mississauga citizen who thinks the world evolves around it, because of low taxes, lack of transit. They were the same ilk that showed up at council meetings and blubbered and carried on at council meetings, whining that there was a “conspiracy” to defame dear leader.

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