05.03.2013 11:10 AM

A challenge to Sid Ryan

Sid Ryan, the OFL’s “leader,” has been getting upset about a series of friendly inquiries I’ve been sending his way via the miracle that is Twitter.  I’ve been asking him good-natured questions – about his Israel-hating policies, about his bankrupting of pension funds, about the loss of members in OFL – but he keeps changing the channel.

Here’s the question I keep asking him, and which he refuses to address:

Will you ask Andrea Horwath to appear with you in public?  Why not, if not?

(Hint: she won’t go near him with a barge pole.  Because she’s a smart woman, and he’s a weak little man.)


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    David says:

    Warren, Please go easy on Sid. He may have an impossible to close mouth and a monster ego but we need him to keep the labour unions divided so that they can be bought off and manipulated with ease. Sid needs encouragement, not shaming. Labour is presently being humiliated enough for the moment. Their weakness has never been more apparent.

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      Graham says:

      People hate labour unions BECAUSE of people like Ryan.

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        Frank says:

        you’re right about that!
        my family has always been made up of half union workers, half management workers, and so I used to consider myself fairly neutral.
        but people like Ryan have a way of completely polarizing views. He does a great disservice to the reputation of the groups he represents.
        especially when he claims to represent workers in Ontario.
        I am an Ontario worker and he does not represent me or anyone that I know of.

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      Kevin says:

      David best comment I have ever seen on Syd Ryan. Could not even get elected in Oshawa a union town. Keep up the uneducated propaganda Syd it is doing you a world of good.

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    Joe Harrington says:

    There is no dirtier politics like union politics. I guess that is what happens when idiots rise to the top of the shit pile.

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