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Crackhead Mayor: how the world sees us

…or Taiwanese TV, in any event.  Watching this, I am reminded (among other things) of how we have the world’s best media.

But the shot at Toronto voters at the end?  It’s funny, but also true.

H/T J. Tetreault!

23 Responses to “Crackhead Mayor: how the world sees us”

  1. steve says:

    That was funny.I have already heard on the usual outlets that better to have a crackhead mayor than a liberal.
    But it might kinda explain transit planning.

  2. deb s says:

    lol…they made rob looked to healthy!

  3. Patrice Boivin says:

    Well that didn’t take long, in the RSS feed universe

  4. Sean says:

    Are we at an all time low? Harper is self destructing and the massive amount of smoke surrounding Duffy, indicates a political fire burning. And it goes on and on.

    I’m not sure what issues, apart from transit, are facing Toronto because Ford sucks all the oxygen out of the air-ass-gate ( Sarah Thompson) magnets, union busting, conflict of interest, coaching during working hours etc.

    But Justin Trudeau is also less than appealing. He too profits financially via his public speaking business at the expense of representing his constituents in the House. And the teacher who coacher her grade five students to make noise over Harper bullying Justin via attack ads apparently are unaware of Trudeau own brand of bullying behavior-refering to Marc Garneau as “space dork”, a slight which wounded and festered.

    Then there’s Thomas Mulcair and his new scandal of being offered a bribe, his politics of division, and conflict of interest-speratists vs federalists.

    The only thing which I fancy these days re politics is Kinsella’s posting’s to Facebook. Last night I saw his second music video and the guy ran out of the picture just as the song ends. I like this stuff because it shows a human side , a sense of honesty and passion. It’s a pleasant respite from the never ending clown show.

  5. ray says:

    Mr Wright, calling Mr Nigel Wright. Only 200.000 to buy a video. Mr Wright… Heloooooooo.

  6. Ridiculosity says:

    I have officially reached the age where nothing can shock me anymore. However, that may just be a “Canadian” thing…

  7. Fed Up says:

    I believe it is The Toronto Star who is shaming Toronto with their constant and neverending attacks on Ford. I guess if enough junk is thrown to the fan they believe some will stick. PROOF PLEASE. Can’t believe they have not let up since they worked so hard to insure Smitherman would be mayor. Still laughing about the last poll they put up showing Liberal Smitherman WAY ahead of Ford. It is TIME the Toronto Star got over THAT one and time to leave FORD alone unless they have REAL evidence. Enough IS Enough.

  8. Luke says:

    Oh my, what a week for Canada’s right wing.

    Pamela Wallin just opted out of the Tory caucus on account of the ongoing audit.

  9. Jerk617 says:

    Worlds best media? Second-hand crack smoke, more like it.

  10. ok says:

    That is the reason I do not like decriminlization of Marijuina.
    The person gain lots of weight as result and do not care to do the job and has mode of anger toward other people
    and not able to do the job right

    then they cut welfare cheque from other poor to add to extra cost of their drug smoking and will cuased cut the school and edcuation and lead the country with uneducated bullying sware of each other and make hate ads attack people in thier opposition and delusion of mind able to run country
    with big money spending by cut others.


    what a shame
    NOW we can see down town Toronto are full of gayis and lesbianis with drug smoking and keep their hand togehter to corrupt city of Toronto
    add drug to make corruption to Muslim community children and arrest them in illegal way to make money for biges asises doctors here in town
    shame of these people!!

  11. Beatrice Ford says:

    Crack smokers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside have started receiving free crack pipes as part of a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority harm reduction strategy.

    All Liberal and NDP MPs have supported Insite the supervised injection site; this organization is now trying to build “inhalation rooms” so those that smoke crack cocaine can have a safe and supportive space in which to do so.

    My point is, all progressive citizens realize that people are self-medicating everywhere – including mayors – and need to be supported rather than judged and forced to hide their addictions. Hopefully Rob Ford will be able to come forward and say, “Yes I am a crack smoker. I need help to manage my addiction. I need help from society to reduce the harm I am causing to myself and others.”

    I welcome the day when we have an openly crack smoking mayor. That will be the day when Toronto is a truly progressive and modern city.

  12. Con Bot says:

    Mike Duffy and Rob Ford show great Conservative leadership.

    • Bugzy says:

      God! I almost chocked on my lunch when I read your childish stupid remarks.

      Still part of the Cons propaganda machine I see.

      Only qualification needed to be one of the trolls, is agree to be brain washed, IQ of less then 10 while spreading the CONS propaganda and to be honest just plain stupid.

  13. !o! says:

    My friend from a tiny family farm in the middle of Alberta remarked to me today ‘some mayor you got eh?’.

    You’ve got to be a pretty particular kind of terrible when you’re a TORONTO MAYOR who farmers from way out in the middle of prairie nowhere are take a notice and gossipe about.

  14. ritalinboy says:

    you know warren I recall you saying, brilliantly, that “Rob Ford is going to make Mel Lastman look like JFK” when he was elected Mayor.
    Heck, right now he’s making Mel Lastman look like Gandhi.

  15. Dotty says:

    Just tokin’ and hittin’ with his Regent Park constituents no doubt. Nothing wrong with that..lol.

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