05.14.2013 05:26 AM


I don’t watch her movies, but wow: Angelina Jolie has guts.


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    Graham says:

    I believe Christina Applegate did the same, although IIRC she had actually been diagnosed with breast cancer before deciding to have a double mastectomy.

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Guts to have the double mastectomy, or guts for having gone public about the surgery?…..with an 87% percent chance of her getting breast cancer….I simply call it smart…..

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      Matt says:

      She is a sex symbol. She is an A-list movie in part on that basis. Much of her identity and income and status flow from those facts. She put that all on the line with the decision to have surgery. However much the terrifying 87% figure makes it seem like a rational thing to do, picking up the phone to ask someone to pick up the knife is damn hard. And she put it all on the line again with the decision to go public about it. Is she going to be perceived the same way by fans, directors, producers, having been so public? Will her roles dry up? Will her status erode? She has taken that risk for the purpose of trying to help others. I can only applaud.

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