05.29.2013 08:38 AM

If I were still an investigative reporter, this is what I’d be asking

(And, yes, I was one at the Ottawa Citizen and Calgary Herald, many moons ago.)

Ipso facto, my question: anyone got footage/pix of the “beat-up beige compact” or a certain Range Rover out near 320 Dixon Road, referred to in this NOW magazine story? Or, has anyone yet matched the private vehicles of Ford staffers to the address in question?

If you do, you’ve got something almost as good as the video: you’ve perhaps got evidence that Ford was indeed there, and that a member of his staff/circle drove him there.




  1. Mulletaur says:

    Canada still has ‘investigative reporters’ ? Who knew.

  2. Jason Burmis says:

    I would also be canvassing the area. Wouldn’t some of the residents at this location see him go up and down the elevator? 17 floors, someone is bound to have seen him IF he did in fact frequent this location.

  3. SJS says:

    Yes, I suspect Dave Price will prove to be a key guy in much of this. He’s probably the reason Rofo isn’t already dead. BTW, his HS photo is priceless.

    Though I completely think the personal train-wreck we’re now watching unfold is true and likely all happened, reading the G&M piece on Doug this weekend makes me think that I could fabricate believable conspiracies with unnamed sources about my older brothers and their friends (all honourable drs and law partners now), as long as I sprinkled in actual HS photos of them in their permed mullets.

    Thanks to the Lord that I was born in 1970s and missed that. Geez.

  4. Michael S says:

    A guy making $125K in Toronto with child support bills and debts to pay isn’t driving a Range Rover unless someone gave him a Range Rover. He’d be driving a beat up compact shitbox with a couple of car seats in the back. BTW: What does Randy drive?

  5. ray says:

    i believe this will end when a morbidly obese drug abuser dies of a self induced heart attack because he foolishly thought he could withstand stresses other humans cannot.

  6. partrick says:

    Do you know you’re directing people to a Narconon – which is a Scientology scam.

    • Warren says:

      Didn’t. So get me a better link that says the same thing.

      • partrick says:

        Well Health Canada and wiki describe crack addiction as do other but they don’t relate it to driving as per your goal.
        Oh and if you’re expecting an actual link I don’t have a clue – only my senile grandmother considers me a teckie.

      • How about this one?

        “Effects on Driving: Observed signs of impairment in driving performance have included subjects speeding, losing control of their vehicle, causing collisions, turning in front of other vehicles, high-risk behavior, inattentive driving, and poor impulse control. As the effects of cocaine wear off subjects may suffer from fatigue, depression, sleepiness, and inattention. In epidemiology studies of driving under the influence cases, accidents, and fatally injured drivers, between 8-23% of subjects have had cocaine and/or metabolites detected in their blood. An examination of 253 fatally injured drivers in Wayne County, Michigan between 1996-1998, found that 10% of cases were positive for blood cocaine and/or metabolites. On review of accident and witness reports, aggressive driving (high speed and loss of vehicle control) was revealed as the most common finding. Ethanol was detected in 56% of these cases, and all of these drivers lost control of their vehicles. In Memphis, Tennessee in 1993, 13% of 150 drivers stopped for reckless driving were determined to be driving under the influence of cocaine based on observations of behavior and appearance, performance on field sobriety tests, and positive urine cocaine tests.

        A 25 year-old male driver, who made an improper turn against oncoming traffic, had a blood cocaine concentration of 0.04 mg/L and 0.06 mg/L of benzoylecgonine, 2 hours after the collision. A 30 year-old female caused an accident after failing to stop at a traffic light; the driver admitted to ingesting a large amount of cocaine ~ 2.5 hours prior to the collision, and 0.32 mg/L cocaine was detected in her blood 1 hour post accident.”

        Some of these fatal “accidents” while high are probably like DUI cases, being in fact suicides by car.

  7. Ridiculosity says:

    The worst crime is faking it. – Kurt Cobain

  8. !o! says:

    He even gave him the title of Logistics Man fer christ sakes.

  9. deb s says:

    im wondering if the label business is a front operation for money laundering of drug money. I bet they send boxes of labels around the world, so to speak:)

  10. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Disturbing report from the Star:


    The OPP, not just the Toronto Police Service, need to get in there now.

  11. Graham says:

    Sun News now quoting more “un-named” sources inside the mayor’s office (Sweet Jebus I hate media using “un-named” sources) that the police interviews had nothing to do with the video or any homicide, but with information regarding some “drug dealers”.

    Who the hell knows anymore.

    Also the National Post is now reporting what Sun News’ Adrienne Batra predicted on Monday: More people will be exiting the Mayor’s office.

    Batra should know. She was his press secretary during the election and IIRC about the first year or so in his mayoralship.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Graham, media that refuses to use unnamed sources is media that is nothing but regurgitated press releases. Journalism has ALWAYS relied on unnamed sources and always will. Get the F*** over it or at least change the channel. If you want to be hear only what Stephen Harper, Kathleen Wynne and Rob Ford and their opponents want to tell you, fine. But don’t confuse it with news.

  12. Pete says:

    re: better link than scientology front group narconon. Try this one.

    Crack Cocaine Symptoms: Signs of Crack Cocaine Use


  13. Earl Miller says:

    Maybe the reporter should look for his driver.

    I haven’t seen such a car, nor do I live near there. However, I did see Rob Ford being driven around downtown (I noticed because the driver cut me off, then stopped suddenly, and let out His Dishonor). It was a brown mini-van. His driver was young. Looked like a Jehovah Witness in black pants/tie and white shirt.

  14. sezme says:

    I just remembered reading this back in May. Looks like you nailed it.

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