05.31.2013 08:34 AM

Rob Ford blank verse

Anything else?

Anything else?

Anything else?


  1. Sb says:

    Well, that’s the $10,000 question, isn’t it? Perhaps he should tell us.

  2. smelter rat says:

    SFH should do another song and call it “Searching for Slurpy” 🙂

  3. david says:

    Perhaps he will quote the great songwriter Jules Shear….”The best thing about true hopelessness is that you don’t have to try again”

  4. patrick says:

    Well, it’s kinda fitting, who knows how many times “mommy and daddy” have had to sweep in to clean up a Robbie mess. And Wynne and Holiday just thought they were politicians.

  5. mark says:

    To quote UO, “Crackbaby, you’re out of time”.

  6. Arnold Murphy says:

    Ra Ra Ford Machine, he was in over his head……

  7. Brian Mouland says:

    Prove it
    Prove it
    Prove it

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