05.22.2013 09:05 AM

The glory that Rob Ford brings to Toronto and Canada

If you’re a conservative, and you still support this human shrapnel machine, you’re an idiot.


  1. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Two points that are telling:

    The mayor has all but disappeared. He has said almost nothing on the matter in five days. He has worked less than eight hours the last two business days.

    Brother Doug has disappeared. Normally the mayor’s mouthpiece and out front defender, he has not been seen since last Thursday and, save some terse comments on Saturday, has not been heard from. He attended council on Tuesday but was, as far as I know, uncharacteristically silent. He’s probably been busy doing what he’s always done. Protecting his brother. When you have people like Blatch openly speculating she suspects the Fords are trying to get the the video for themselves, you’ve utterly lost the narrative.

    This is starting to feel downright Steinbeckian.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      While Blatchford is significant, it’s not truly over for Ford until Wente accidentally copies without attribution someone else’s column criticizing him.

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      Well, Doug reared his head in a news conference that can only be described as surreal. Constantly interrupted by heckles and reporter’s questions.

      Also, Rob just lost his Don Bosco coaching gig. Probably cares more about losing that than the mayoralty.

  2. Patrick says:

    Really isn’t he almost worth it for the comedy gold. Almost, if you don’t mind your city ridiculed, it’s function brought to a stand still and vital initiatives paralyzed by magical notions of “it all can be done for free on a wave of gravy”.
    On the other hand, how else could we become known as a nation of ‘crack head c**ks****rs”.
    Hmmmm, 4 more years?
    Sandra Bee rocks.

  3. Raymond says:


  4. deb s says:

    wow! brutal!
    the jimmy kimmel segment was pretty funny too.
    well Rob Ford has managed to do what no other politician has done, hes put canada on the map and gotten the states to pt to it!

  5. William says:

    I’m kind of jealous.

    Here in Montreal we’ve got corruption and mob ties….but that’s so 1970’s…been there, done that.

    What you guys have is COMEDY GOLD!

  6. Dotty says:

    Expect a flood of dumb Americans tourists asking for crack and offering blow jobs in exchange. Oh the tourist industry will flourish after that Jon Stewart skit!!

    Oh, and what about Duffy and the NDP (Ninety-thousand Dollar Party) blowing things out of proportion.. as if it’s a big fat problem!!

  7. deb s says:

    soooo…apparently the new spin on Ford. What he does in his own time is his own business…lol. Tell that to every politician that has gone down in america. I cannot believe any reporter put in writing that smoking crack is okay in your own home, as long as you do your job. The last line just tops off the media BJ:P

  8. Dotty says:

    Toronto must SANITIZE itself of Ford filth… CHOW for MAYOR… and please, no BJ jokes …!!!

  9. And I was wondering when the maire of Toronto was going to announce a review of the role of organized crime in Toronto, since it came up at the Charbonneau commission in Montreal. Wouldn’t that be a face-saving measure? (and a blood test)

  10. Ted B says:

    Gawd, I hope the wealthy Ford family and their rabid supporters don’t go and buy and bury that video.

    If they launch a defamation claim in the next few weeks, you’ll know they ponied up the cash and we’ll never see the evidence.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m absolutely certain that the drug dealers in question only have one copy. Certain, I tell you. If they were smart, they’d sell it to the Ford team, then turn around and sell it to the Toronto Star, as well. And Gawker.

  11. Greg from Calgary says:

    He hasn’t addressed it or fought it. Makes me go hmmmm. The video will come out eventually.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Since he’s always strenuously denied things that turned out to be verifiably true, perhaps in what passes for his mind he thinks that if he doesn’t deny it people will think it’s false.

      Ford reminds me of one of those gunmen holed up in a house – for them it only ends in death or incarceration. They’re not getting away, and the sooner they accept it, the better.

      Ford’s political career is over. He needs to resign for his own sake as much as ours. There’s no way out for him. Unfortunately for him, unlike other politicians in similar fixes, not only is he an idiot, he’s advised and backed by idiots.

  12. Meany says:

    You know you are toast when they start laughing at you…

  13. Well Don Bosco High had enough sense to dump Ford as coach. After all, he did call the beneficiaries of his football charity ‘effing minorities’, according to the Star reporters who viewed the video. Ford smoking crack is kind of sad. Ford railing at Trudeau the ‘fag’, and the effing minorities that he coaches while smoking crack is merely despicable… Gawkster has raised about $120k so far (to buy the video). I am thinking that the guys with a video for sale will take whateer they can get now. I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for their chances though. Ford knows who they are, and there will be people searching high and low right now. When they get pinched, that cell phone is going to disappear, with extreme prejudice.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Not Don Bosco – the board has declared him ineligible to coach at any Catholic school.

      P.S. to Meany – if that’s the case he was toast on arrival.

  14. Other Hockey Dad says:

    I just want to know who among the “progressive” super elite that have constantly failed to GET Ford dialled 911-Hollywood and pleaded “Help us! Help us! We just can’t bring this guy down….”. There’s no way that crew down there just all suddenly decided independently and on their own that Ford would be their top topic all at once. Makes ya wonder…

    (not that I support him and his alleged criminal activity, I just find how this played out very, very curious)

  15. po'd says:

    “this human shrapnel machine”

    Grand slam! A celebratory trot around the bases is in order.

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