05.06.2013 10:52 AM

The Toronto Star Facebook page: honesty that’s so honest, you’ll want less honesty

Apparently for real. Man, someone at One Yonge is having a bad Monday morning.


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    Graham says:

    Isee Forum Research and The Star are at it again.


    48% of Ontarians want the NDP to support the budget, 36% don’t.

    53% don’t want an election, 41% do.

    Lib and PC tied at 35%, NDP at 25%.

    One has to wonder: If these party support numbers were even close to being accurate, why would the Liberals have given the NDP everything they asked for in the budget?

    More importantly, why won’t the “journalists” at the Star ask that question?

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    John Wright says:

    Ahhhh…Graham…you are a sage…

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