05.01.2013 08:16 AM

Wither thou goest, Ontario NDP?

Who knows. Devil’s in the details, as they say.

Stuff like this will have the hawks pushing for an election now. Stuff like this will have others urging caution.

What will they do? I literally do not know. Neither, it seems, does anyone else.


  1. Cath says:

    The longer Horwath holds out her numbers will continue to tumble. Indecision doesn’t win confidence.

  2. david says:

    Look for a quick response once the budget is read. The NDP committed to hearing the budget only. Nothing more and nothing less. The truth is there are no doves in the ONDP caucus. Let the war begin.

  3. I’m sure they haven’t decided yet. Fortunately they still have a while before they have to. Getting into the nitty-gritty of an actual budget will probably make the answer more clear.

  4. Marion says:

    Kathleen and Andrea are sisters and will not allow Hudak another kick at the election can.

  5. Brian K. Stewart says:

    Just curious, Warren: what does “I literally do not know” mean? Is there some way one can figuratively not know?

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