06.28.2013 08:12 AM

Dear Prime Minister Harper

I’ve actually never written you a letter before.

I’m doing so now to ask you to intervene in this case: hundreds in thousands in Canadian dollars going to one of the most violent neo-Nazi groups – the one, in fact, who provided the blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing. The worst case of domestic terror in the history of the United States.

I am confident you and your office will do all that you can to stop this from happening.




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    Arnold Murphy says:

    Warren I agree 100% that this has to be stopped, the gold is more probably Nazi loot than collected over the years, just as some of them have hidden in plain site so maybe has some of the loot apparently. I think this is also a terrorist group clearly, has been identified as such and the proceeds cannot be transferred they should be seized and given to maybe the group that opposes Nazism. I could use a few bucks, lol

    Seriously, I think Harper and his govt. have little choice but to seize the assets as an illegal act of funding terrorism. Its clear that Harper himself has ties to such groups, the controversy alone should cause him to do so. Has he ever recanted his beliefs, ever distanced himself from these controversies, ever separated himself from the likes of Karl Han Droegge and John Tyndall, if he has I missed it?


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      Tiger says:

      Harper would be a curious politician of that sort if he actually were that (and he isn’t!), given that he leads the most multi-ethnic caucus in the Commons and takes great care for — possibly even panders to — ethnic communities with his government’s immigration policy. (The new consulate in the Punjab, etc.)

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      Eric Weiss says:

      “Its clear that Harper himself has ties to such groups,”

      What proof do you have of that? Not accusations…proof from a reputable source.

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        Arnold Murphy says:

        Harper as co-founder of the Northern Foundation, and as an MP had involvement with the Heritage Front, and the Neo Nazis in CANADA seem to have a fondness for the fella as well. http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2011/04/19/03610.html

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          Eric Weiss says:

          Neo-Nazis allegedly being part of the same group is not a “direct tie” and hardly evidence. And I said a reputable source. Not some author with a beef.

          This whole Harper=Hitler retoric from some on the left is tiresome and embarassing. It’s an insult to the real victims of racism and it diminishes the threat from real neo-nazis when people constantly cry wolf.

          Mr. Kinsella has done more work on the issue of Neo-Nazis in Canada than most and I have never heard him make the connection. I’m sure if there was one he’d be all over it.

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            Arnold Murphy says:

            My dad used to say, if you hang with crows, you will be shot for one. I agree guilt by association is a stretch, but when you are verified by documentation as a co-founder of an organization such as the Northern Foundation where there are so many other crows to be seen openly the comment is not derived from imagination or fantasy. I often wonder why Conservative MPs themselves would choose to post advertising for recruitment of CF members on websites which they did, but I guess when your running a disinformation campaign it does not matter what is reality it matters what is perceived as reality. Revisionism may yet work to re-write Harpers biography and known affiliations, but for now, it is what it is, historical documented fact. And as for Warren, his books themselves point to very real attempts by the aforementioned groups to infiltrate the govt. through political office. This is exactly the modus operandi of John Tyndall and the BNP, and when John Tyndall directed both American and Canadian groups to work subversively to do this, it opens up a whole variety of questions. It is also a fact that these groups continue to operate, almost without opposition in Canada, the time is coming when this will end. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/02/01/bc-canadian-nazis-exposed.html

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    Eric Weiss says:

    It would be good if it can be stopped, but is there a way it can legally be done? I’m not a lawyer. Anyone know?

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      The Doctor says:

      You want to ask a wills & estates/trusts lawyer, because that’s the main area involved here. But the terrorist financing laws, as noted elsewhere here, also bring in a new angle. This would be an interesting piece of litigation, if it ever came to that.

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    Tiger says:

    Probably difficult, as involvement in private bequests is an extreme measure, and antiethical to a free society.

    1. Cross-border transfers of money are subject to some restrictions; and
    2. The plot of “The Turner Diaries”, a book which has incited multiple acts of racialist terror/murder, involves the City of Toronto being destroyed by a nuclear weapon (for its multiracial character).
    3. How about — given (2), invoking the “Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act”? (The terrorist-financing part, of course. As the money is almost certainly not the proceeds of crime.)

    Actually, this seems like the exact sort of transaction that the terror-financing provisions are aimed at.

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      Warren says:


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        Tiger says:

        As others point out, this could be stretching things a bit, and governments meddling with testators’ intentions is very, very sketchy. (Frankly, the Ontario Court of Appeal’s intervention in the Leonard Foundation’s terms was not good, either.)

        But it’s also fair to say that this isn’t just any neo-Nazi group, either.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      It will be fascinating to see if the govt uses the terrorist-financing provision to prevent this. After all the inroads Jason Kenney has made with ethnic communities we’ll see if they put the law where their mouth is.

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    If it is identified as a terrorist organization, which I strongly doubt (more likely, the FBI identified them on its watch list) then go ahead and stop the transfer. If not, part of living in a free society is allowing people to be as stupid and misguided as they wish. It makes the noble and saintly shine all the brighter.

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      Nasty Bob says:

      Not so – It has long been recognized ” [ there is} a difference between what a man, uncognosed [sic], may do at his own hand, and what the law will support under the provisions of his will . . . therefore, without being illegal in the sense of being contrary to any express rule of the common law or contrary to any statute, the principle of public policy will prevent such post-mortem expenditure. Whether the act is sufficiently contrary to public policy to warrant the court’s interference must depend on the degree to which it is against public policy.” Egerton v. Brownlow, 10 Eng. Rep. 359, 417 (H.L.C. 1853), ((e.g. : one may be able to shoot his horses while living but a direction to do so in his will is void – Wishart Estate, Re, 1992 CanLII 2679 (NB QB) ))

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    mike says:

    I agree with much of what you say on any number of issues Mr. Kinsella; however I do hope your plea falls on deaf ears. While Robert Harry McCorkell’s wish is quite twisted…it is his wish. Thankfully assholes like him are few and far between when it comes to dispersing wealth.

    Unfortunately, if the government were to follow through on putting a stop to McCorkell’s giving away his estate as he has so directed…what is stop our government from restricting estates from being given to environmental “radicals” [Joe Oliver, CON MP] or labour groups, or any number of progressive organizations the Harper CONS or any future governments may oppose. Your plea, while well meaning, if satisfied will open any number of possibilities for the nutbars that occupy Ottawa today.

    My guess is the idiots down south will blow the wad on pick-up trucks and shotguns. Or on court expenses as they fight over who actually gets the assets.

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      Nasty Bob says:

      There would be two ways for a gov’t to stop this – add them to the terror list and the gift becomes void because it’s illegal or seek standing in probate and ask a court to rule the gift void as contrary to public policy. I don’t see either as setting a dangerous precedent.

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    Jack Templeton says:

    Kinsella, outstanding work in this field as always.

    For me this issue hits home: I was in the Vancouver Public Library the day infamous Alliance booster and neo-Nazi Craig Cobb was arrested there – apparently he had been hanging out there for months utilizing the free internet to manage his hate sites.

    Kevin Harpham, National Alliance member was the “lone wolf” behind the Spokane bombing attempt January 17, 2011, when a radio-controlled pipe bomb was found and defused in Spokane, Washington along the route of that year’s Martin Luther King Jr. memorial march. The FBI arrested Kevin William Harpham and he was sentenced to 32 years in prison for the attempted bombing.

    Of course, both of these venues were filled with women and children.

    When Cobb was on the run, Harpham posted, mere days before the attempted bombing: “Craig, if you read this and you need a place to stay for the winter I have an empty basement with a couple rooms, a bed and bathroom you can live in till spring.”

    The point is, these people are very skilled with doing a lot of damage with a little – given a lot, they could do real damage. Money is the lifeblood of any organization – staunching the flow of gold is one way these organizations can be neutralized.

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    po'd says:

    Haven’t seen your sentiments on the Syrian situation yet. Did I miss it?

    It’s really terrible and far beyond what might happen if some really bent people got a million bucks or so. Our CPC attack against the Human Rights commission seems more significant to me, but that’s not my main point here. There are legitimate Western sources that are now reporting significant details on Syria, such as the Independent.co.uk

    Our most powerful Western Democratically elected leaders, seem determined to tell a story and follow a path that defies logic based on what legitimate reporters have to say, and who are brave enough to write about what they have seen first hand.

    ie. NBC reporter’s recent comment on that twitter thing; just back from Syria, didn’t see many FSA flags, lot’s of Al Nusra black flags.

    It’s not enough for our otherwise mouthy Foreign Minister and the Harper Government to simply say we won’t participate in arming the “Rebels”.

    Including encouragement to go further in your letter to the Prime Minister might not bear a lot of fruit, but it would be worth the effort IMHO. You don’t buy ink by the barrel, but you do have an audience much larger than mine.

    Just sayin’

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    headtata says:

    Move to Russia, Warren.
    There, you can not only stop the transfer but even pocket the money…
    Or jail opponents at will.
    A free society requires a freedom to a legal dissenting opinion.
    Even if I or you do not like it.

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    letsallthink says:

    I bet if it was a leftist or communist outfit Warren would not be objecting to private individuals giving their money to it. No matter how much the left tries to attack their opponents, smear them as “neo-nazis”, prevent them from obtaining funds from supporters etc… we still live in a free society where that kind of bullying tactics against political opponents is frowned upon.5twd

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    Trevor Mc says:

    Hey Arnold Murphy,Hows it going? let me correct you on a statement you made about my uncle and his gold.. No it was not natzi gold ,Yes he bought and paid for the gold legally with money he earned as a dr. in chemistry and also teaching in diff universities, MIT and Smithsonian.. TY for correcting yourself ahead of time

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