06.11.2013 07:13 AM

Eve Adams pushes back

I don’t know the Conservative MP, at all, but I like how she pushed back against Glen McGregor’s innuendo: on Twitter, right out in the open, where all can see and judge.

Even if I didn’t dislike McGregor intensely – for letting neo-Nazis know where we lived, among other things – I’d say Adams won this match. “No comment” is seldom an option. Kudos to Adams for (a) staking out her position and (b) showing once again that you can take Glen out of Frank magazine, but you can’t take the Frank magazine out of Glen.


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    JH says:

    Isn’t this the guy who was involved in the Frank contest to rape a PM’s daughter?
    Goes to prove once again how low the media is on the scale of things and why most are no longer paying attention. They even gave him some kind of an award recently, I believe.
    WK did you see the Copps piece? She may be right. basically saying only ones happy will be the NDP after the Senate audit and possibly one for MPs as well. Thoughts?

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    smelter rat says:

    She’s entitled to her entitlements.

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    Rick says:

    >The flyer said the event was to “support young White families victimized by RACIST job quotas join 300-400 White families in celebrating our European heritage.

    So White people who object to anti-White descrimination and want to celebrate their ethnic heritage are now “neo-nazis” according to Mr.Kinsella.

    I will honestly never understand you guys. You never object to Jewish, Asian, Indian or any other non-White group standing up for themselves or celbrating their heritage…but as soon as a White person does it you label them a “neo-nazi.” I don’t know what’s worse yiour blatant hipocracy or the fact that you honestly just don’t seem to recognize how unfair you are being.

    …oh welll. Hopefully one day some White person you love is unfairly deprived of a job or called a “neo-nazi” for standing up for themselves…then you mght learn how it feels.

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