06.13.2013 12:42 PM

Mayor On Crack?

…it’s a punk rock video, seen by thousands!

And, now, it’s a story reported by not just the Toronto Star and Gawker – now no less than CTV is saying there is evidence of the video, too.  And the police have that evidence, and have had it for weeks.

The noose tightens.  Wise up, conservatives: (a) the more you get close to the stink on this “mayor,” the more the stink will get on you, and (b) HE IS DESTROYING YOUR BRAND FAR BEYOND GTA.


CTV News has learned that Toronto Police were investigating the existence of an alleged video involving Mayor Rob Ford, several weeks before the story first appeared in the Toronto Star.

As part of the investigation leading to raids on Thursday, officers obtained telephone wire-tap evidence.

A highly-placed source confirms to CTV News that on those wiretaps, persons of interest discussed that video in detail, and referred to the mayor’s alleged presence in the video.

CTV News has not seen the video, and cannot confirm its existence or authenticity.

The video purports to show the mayor smoking from what appears to be a crack pipe.



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    Arnold Murphy says:

    I would use the wink emoticon if I could, lol . It seems to me that the wheels of justice turn very slowly, if people want to avoid ending up under them they should consider who they hang with. My father always used to say, if you hang with the crows, expect to be shot for one. . cheers.

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    Michael S says:

    This is tribal, and they’re gonna circle the wagons.

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    doris says:

    Dollars to donuts the charges will never get laid – Robo is untouchable even by Blair. The establishment will never allow such a powerful person to be taken down, even if it is his own doing.

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    David RHIND says:

    I agree.It’s getting a bit old now.

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    ray says:

    Ok all. Who’s got it and politically when is the best time to release said video. In the summer where it can go up in smoke with the hissing of BBQ meat or in the fall or at the next con gathering or ?????

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    William says:

    All sounds like Chinese water torture for Mr. Mayor

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    Houland Wolfe says:

    In addition to the CTV report, CBC is saying that Ford knew both men in that famous photo. The noose tightens, but will the rope break?

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    W the K - No, not Warren says:

    I tend to agree with doris. I’d be surprised if Rob is charged with anything. The office will be protected but Ford will be marginalized. It’s already happening. The mayor is finding himself in familiar territory, on the wrong side of 39-2 votes on council. The executive and council are working around him. I can’t see the mayor’s office, consisting of football cronies and kids, pushing any major policy initiative before the next election.

    We’re essentially stuck with our own North Korean leader. Being photographed Looking At Things and cutting the odd ribbon. Ranting on the radio every Sunday. Occasionally going ballistic in council like he did today. Beyond that he will have no constructive impact on this city.

    The Fords will deny it like they deny everything else. Doug says he’s not running again. Rob says he is and he might even launch a real campaign. But I’d be surprised if he gets any support beyond Mammoliti (because he’s just crazy enough to do that sort of thing) and maybe Del Grande.

    He’ll retire to his foundation to, if he’s even capable, help “the kids”, get healthy, and dream of redemption.

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      Cynical says:

      and soon he’ll be sitting in the middle of the council chamber flinging his feces at the gallery. I can hardly wait. In the immortal words of Bugs, “What a maroon!”

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    steve says:

    on a similar note on a much larger scale is the NSA/Echelon situation. I have no real objection to the government checking me out. But when its used to wield power, well then we get Harper.

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    Walter Ego says:

    This is so sad. First the mayor of Toronto, then one of my favourite children’s entertainers.

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    Kev says:

    The police are investigating the Video That Doesn’t Exist?

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    Vankleek Hill says:

    I, for one, think it’s not so bad that our mayor smokes crack. He’s only harming himself. It’s not like he’s taking money from needy senior citizens or anything.

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    Steve T says:

    Don’t get your hopes up. The words in this article appear to have been chosen very carefully to catch the public’s attention while still not saying anything of substance. The police were investigating the EXISTENCE of a video (not investigating the video itself), a video that people on wiretaps (not the police themselves) said showed the mayor smoking crack. Translation: the police heard there might be a video that showed the mayor smoking crack, so they investigated it. In other words, the police simply were looking into something the rest of us also have heard by now. There is no suggestion the police actually ever saw or possessed the video, unless I missed something in the article.

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