06.06.2013 08:53 AM

Sun News: wherein I defend Ontario and federal Libs, and rip Harper and Ford

All in a day’s work.


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    billg says:

    Said it before…I would love to sit around a table over a few beers and listen to you and Tim Powers tell “spin” storys.

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    The Liberals are caught breaking the law. A serious law, of Nixonian proportions, involving over a half-billion dollars evaporating during desperate economic times, and all you can do is say, “They’re all crooks and liars, whether NDP, Liberal or Conservative.”

    Equivocate if you want, but THAT is exactly the mindset that leads to 50% turnouts for elections and people disowning the government because it “lacks a mandate.”

    Minister who lie should be fired. Premiers who lie should be chastised. Governments who lie need to be overwhelmingly punished (ie federal PCs,Ontario NDP, NB Tories, and now Ontario Liberals.) McGuinty should be persona non grata at Liberal conventions th way Rae became kryptonite to the NDP.

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    ray says:

    missing link. where be the story, lad.

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