07.03.2013 12:09 PM

A tale of five by-elections, plus free bonus highly-scientific poll!

And they’re off!

Who’s gonna win the most? Who’s gonna lose the most? Personally, I think by-elections rarely end well for governments, so the Wynne people need to lower expectations, in the way that Hudak and Horwath are busily doing.

Wynne’s assets? She exceeds expectations, and she can rely on a horde of government staffers to work those ridings during the political black hole of Summertime. Horwath? She’s still the most popular politician in the province, and she’s got this smart guy named Ramiro Mora helping her out. Hudak? He’s got Leslie Noble and Tom Long behind the scenes – and Noble and Long are two of the most strategic people in Canadian politics.

I don’t know most of the candidates in the by-elections – but I encourage the good people of Ottawa South to cast a ballot for my friend John Fraser, who is one of the hardest-working constituency people I’ve ever met. Decent guy and pretty smart, too.

How do you think the August 1 by-elections will end up? Vote now, vote often!



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    Rotten Ronnie says:

    I live in Ottawa South – nope, not a chance – the stench from Father Dalty doesn’t wash off that easily.

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      Michael S says:

      The McGuinty clan is well known and well respected in Ottawa South, which is significantly non-white now. If the Liberals lost here it would be to the NDP.

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    billg says:

    Dippers 3 / Libs 2
    Maybe then the OPC will listen to the ground troops and ask Hudak to leave. I met John Fraser a year ago, I had no idea who he was until a friend told me, very nice guy, going to be hard to beat.

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    Gary says:

    NDP in W-T
    PC in E-L
    + 3 LIB HOLDS

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    Political Outsider says:

    You may wish to re-think London West. Ken Coran has not gotten off to a flying start.



    Ken Coran told The Free Press last year he played football for the Western Mustangs in 1972, which is untrue:

    “I guess it revolves around the definition of ‘played.’”

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