07.26.2013 11:04 AM

An open tweet to voters in Ottawa South


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    Alex says:

    In semi-related news, a new Forum Research poll gives the Tories a 14-point lead in Ottawa South: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Poll+gives+Tories+point+lead+Ottawa+South+byelection/8711972/story.html. Given Forum’s stellar performance in the past few elections, I take these numbers to mean that the Liberals will win this riding in a landslide.

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    davidray says:

    Endorsed by Harris, Poilievre and Eves. What could possibly go wrong.

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    MCBellecourt says:

    Warren, have you written to the elections watchdogs in Ontario about this? Is there even such an agency in Ontario? Because people should flood this agency with complaints if this crap is going on–and we need to light some candles under some asses nationally as well.

    Elections Canada has nailed Dewer for seven grand, but they have been dragging their lazy asses on the Con file, haven’t they?

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    Ottawa South Voter says:

    Oh come on Warren. You know that’s ridiculous.

    1. Prove it.

    2. You know staffers are chronically underpaid. What they do in their few spare moments of free time is their business. (You don’t really think working for the federal government binds you to 24/7 service, do you?)

    3. It’s the summer. Shockingly, people on the Hill might take a break from their 60-80 hour weeks and favour instead to work 30-40 hours a week. Once again, if they’re done at their full-time-plus job and want to volunteer elsewhere, sobeit.

    4. Provide specifics. Specifically who is doing what? What is that person’s work hours, and when precisely did they use “taxpayers’ money” to campaign for a provincial ally?

    So once you have a response to these four points, perhaps you might have some credibility. Until then, this is a ridiculous attempt to incite crap leading up to an election. And I’m a follower of yours.

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