07.13.2013 10:08 PM

Guess the author: ecology and overpopulation

Who said this, which has been tweaked to make it a bit of challenge:

“The annual increase of population in [Canada creates] difficulties of providing for this army of new citizens which grows from year to year and which will finally lead to a catastrophe, unless ways and means are found which will forestall the danger of misery and hunger and environmental disaster.”

Link here. Hitler said it in Main Kampf.

David Suzuki, who you perhaps thought said it, should get his head out of his ass.


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    Michael S says:

    And he has five kids.

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    Mulletaur says:

    Suzuki is a CBC-manufactured fraud. He should shut his festering pie hole.

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    Anon says:

    Ran Kohls:Global Poverty. “What is our world doing so wrong that millions die of hunger every year? What do YOU believe we can do to start making improvements towards this unjust reality?”

    Henry Rollins: “It’s no doubt that it’s a very huge and complex problem. If it were just a matter of moving some food to a place that has little, that could be taken care of. There are many reasons that some places are having food insecurity. Some parts of the world are not very inhabitable by humans, yet, they still live in these places. This makes human sustainability challenging. Also, there is the endless problem that basically makes things worse as it tries to make things better. There is a village with food shortages. You send food there. The villagers, now healthy, increase their population as healthy people so frequently do”.

    “Now, due to geographic limitations, climate change and myriad other factors, you now have the same food shortage problem but now there’s more people in the village, increasing the problem. There’s no food supply problem. In America, enough is wasted daily to feed countless people. Same thing in other countries as well. It’s a distribution problem, a population problem and of course, a political problem.What to do? I honestly don’t know. For a long term solution, I really don’t”.

    I think David would agree.

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    TimL says:

    Lots of lebensraum for everyone in Canada. No need for us to invade Russia to find room for newcomers.

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