07.30.2013 12:22 PM

I’m back in Ontario, and I’m not in the mood for nuance



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    Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    I notice that Michael Harris MPP has comments disabled on his Fbook page … Where’s the transparency … More Pathetic HudakCON typically arbitrary & dictatorial Doublespeak.

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    davidray says:

    I hate it when you hold back Warren. Makes me think your going soft.

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    SJS says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. But I bet LM would kick his ass herself.
    Why does an elected pol be such a douchebag with what seems to be his official account?
    No class. Although, maybe he’s been hacked, like weiner.

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    Roger Babbit says:

    Glad your time in the bush has topped up your piss and vinegar levels. Check out this line of attack:

    You Are Disposable

    The Harper Regime continues to add a now incredibly long list of enemies: veterans groups and advocates are increasingly shocked and outraged as they fight to maintain their old Pension Act system (set up after the First World War) against the continual onslaught of Harper Regime’s bottom-line, salami tactics.
    This is one of the darkest, mangy patches of the Conservative underbelly, one that harkens back to the Bush/ Cheney/ Rumsfeld era of pasty, pudgy chicken hawks who I doubt could even do one pull up let alone deploy in a violent country, drunk with supreme conceit, playing at general and deploying armies into misadventures based on carefully massaged intelligence and a truly fascist style of repetitive propaganda. But the message is clear! Offer yourself as a living sacrifice without judgment, without reservation.

    I have no doubt that the individual soldiers who fought and died or were injured in Afghanistan truly believed in their mission: to free the Afghan people, to free women from the oppression of the veil, the right of girls to go to school. Is there anything more bitter then than to realize your own government is trying to cut you out? We must ask ourselves, is the enemy without or within?

    Federal lawyers argue that Canada “holds no extraordinary social obligation to ex-soldiers…The lawyers, fighting a class-action lawsuit in British Columbia, asked a judge to dismiss the court action filed by injured Afghan veterans, saying Ottawa owes them nothing more than what they have already received under its controversial New Veterans Charter” (Globe and Mail). The Federal lawyers didn’t quite phrase that properly; more accurately would be that the Harper regime holds no social obligation to anyone – obligation is itself extraordinary. Anything goes. Lawlessness. The sooner everyone grasps this most basic of tenants, the better.

    The dark truth is that Harper understands that to fully accomplish his goal of total power the military must be destabilized. There is no way the Harperites can bring in the millions of temporary foreign workers to liquidate huge swaths of Canadian work force, no way they can gut all social services, no way they can sell off Canada in an orgy of asset stripping unless those segments of the Canadian population who could offer serious resistance are demoralized, marginalized, neutralized.

    Conservative – conserve – to preserve a people’s way of life. The Harper Regime is not conservative but a radical and revolutionary movement hell-bent on breaking the Canadian Nation for money, for power, for Harper’s supreme ego that whispers madly that he is always the smartest guy in the room. The same mad whispering of the Kaiser, Hitler, Stalin and the Taliban elite. Anyone that wants to honour veterans should declare total war against the Harper Regime and its deranged minions. Roger that.

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    e.a.f. says:

    You may not be in the mood for nuance, but neither are some of us. well we don’t know what is being referred to. its summer, need full explaination. not all of us are in ontario.

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    Ian Howard says:

    Well it seems unlikely that there will be a reasoned debate about whether political operatives should be trying to intimidate the speaker. What is clear is that the bunker mentality which Nixon and Harper represent on the right was alive and well I the McGuinty regime.
    It is not enough to be Liberal you actually have to run the province well enough so that every mistake doesn’t become an us against them battle. Insecurity and paranoia ran deep and into their souls it did creep.

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    Lynn says:

    Just back from Ontario. My aging father is still sharp enough to consider Mike Harris an absolute disgrace of a man, who like Mr. Harper, was never very successful in any real job and has the audacity to make comments to denigrate others. Not every voter has a short memory. And while on the subject of the Cons, very close relative who taught dear Timmy, quit the party and severed ties, donations, etc the day that dolt gained a foothold in the party. He thought the Ontario Tories were beyond pathetic to elect that idiot to anything. I am sure all educators out there have had a horrified moment when they see some jack ass student who was far from the top of the class aspiring well beyond any ability that they have ever shown in the past, and succeeding. Makes you wonder about what standards there are for success in some fields- apparently the bar is set pretty low in this case.

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