07.16.2013 08:50 AM

John Fraser to win in Ottawa South!

That’s been my prediction, and I’m sticking with it.  My friend John is in the one Ontario Liberal byelection contest I feel good about.

This Ottawa Citizen story, here, suggests why that is so.  If you read it, you will see:

  • John doesn’t hide the fact that he worked for Dalton McGuinty. At all.
  • The deleted email gas plant bullshit didn’t come up once at the doors when the reporter was present.
  • Queen’s Park gossip is irrelevant.  All that counts is hard work.

To recap, then: the guy with the best shot at winning is the one who is proud he worked with Dalton McGuinty, who doesn’t lead with his chin by dwelling on faux-scandals, and whose focus is his home, and not the one square kilometre surrounding Queen’s Park?

Interesting, that.



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    Chris says:

    I have an equally reliable prediction. The Toronto Maple Leafs will not win the Stanley Cup next year. Liberal staffer runs in riding of former Liberal party leader and Premier. A no brainer. What about the other byelections? Take a risk spinmeister. Take a risk…..

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    I used to live in McG’s riding and was thinking, yesterday, how well it would have gone over if the heights of Alta Vista were arbitrarily dominated by 30-40 wind turbines. Once he took away the rights of locals to protest provincial industrial wind farms, he should have volunteered his riding first. By the way, average family income in Alta Vista is so high, its loyalty to the Libs so deep, it would never have happened.

    Now, what about those other ridings?

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    Sheila says:

    I’ve been at the doors here in South, and it’s good for John, for Libs in general and for Kathleen Wynne.

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    James O'Grady says:

    That’s funny, that’s not what I’ve been hearing from the other campaigns. Of course every campaign will spin things in their favour, but I’m hearing that people in Ottawa South ARE concerned about what has been happening in Toronto.

    During the 2010 Ottawa municipal election the ‘right’ leaning candidate, not well known, came very close to knocking off the incumbent councillor Diane Deans, who is considered to be center-left. With 3-4 major scandals under the Liberal’s belt, there is no better location than McGuinty’s former riding, for voters to send a very clear message to Queen’s Park.

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      Michael S says:

      Diane Deans centre-left? Only to the whacko Lowell Green CFRA crowd.

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