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My take on why Teenage Head were godlike geniuses, as done for CBC



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    Ted B says:

    For those who don’t want to flip through the Top 100 to get to Teenage Head, their 1979 self-titled album made it to #95 and was accompanied by the following comment:

    “The seminal import — the world-and- consciousness-altering significance — of Teenage Head’s Teenage Head was evident from the moment it alighted on my turntable in suburban Calgary, circa 1979. On the cover, his hair covered in something resembling glue, singer Frankie Venom cavorted with the threesome who formed the foundation of the Hamilton punk band. But it was Venom, with tuneful slabs of pop-punk genius like ‘Picture My Face,’ who made it all so special. If you ever saw him live — and I did, and my own band even opened for him a couple times — Venom would look like he’d spent the night in an alleyway (and he sometimes did). But when he started to sing? Watch out. He was arguably the greatest rock ‘n’ roll frontman Canada has ever seen.” Warren Kinsella

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    deb s says:

    Teenage Head was my very first show when I was 10 in 78-79, it was awesome, Frankie snuck me and his sister ( my schoolage friend when living in hamilton)into a local music club. He was amazing and the audience were just as fun:)
    It was sad of his passing( last year?)

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