07.10.2013 03:32 PM

On that horrid witch Jan Wong: a legal review

My former partner and colleague at McBinch, who is far more judicious in his language than I would have been, assesses the latest legal twist in the Wong saga. He’s nicer to her than I have been.

Worth a read, right here. A fine lawyer from a fine firm.


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    smelter rat says:

    I get that there is no love list between you two, but in fairness she’s been treated like shit bybthe G&M.

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      Lynn says:

      I get a lot of grief for the same attitude. I am not about to forgive some piece of shit, complete waste of dna, or cut any slack for past and ongoing shit storms and pain they cause others. Friends think am I awful for being unforgiving. I say some people deserve nothing but scorn and all the misery the universe can muster, and we should never forget what the person did, and it should be pointed out regularly and with vigor when someone tries to defend the asshole as being misguided or making a mistake. I am in a debate with a friend now who believes my lack of forgiveness toward some things and people is wrong.

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        smelter rat says:

        That’s very Christian of you.

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    Norman White says:

    The apparently never ending Jan Wong saga, despite the hue and cry, has never produced the questions that should have sprung from taking things to their logical conclusion. Why is a vicious and scheming Maoist allowed any dispensation at all? Doesn’t this speak to the often pernicious role of unions – people feel justified to act in any way with total impunity? Jan Wong got rewarded with her “pile of money” settlement despite essentially saying Quebecois women deserved to be shot up by maniacs – classic blaming the victim. I bet she doesn’t pay one red cent back – and who pays for the arbitrator?

    How can a media outlet that claims to be “the” Canadian newspaper even hire someone so obviously barking mad as Jan Wong? “Gotcha” journalism is no journalism at all. In a healthy society, Jan Wong would have been deported long ago – that’s the dark truth no one dare speak deep into our own multicultural revolution.

    These termite-like Maoist operatives (are people really so stupid to take at face value Wong’s renunciation of the Communist Party and its tactics?), following the tradition of their Comintern mentors, are masters of “salami tactics” – destroying a society little slice by little slice – death by a thousand cuts. But of course, in our rotten society, Jan Wong has a surprising array of support and supporters. Why? Merely because she is an immigrant, Chinese, a woman, proletarian, or some other label that gives her carte blanch in the grand Marxist design.

    Liberal elites lament the symptoms but ironically are the creators of the disease – the disease being native Canadians are thought as “bourgeois” shite fit only to be tormented to tears by Jan Wong and her ilk for the enjoyment of the New Society.

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      ottawacon says:

      Give it a rest. She is scum, but she was born in Montreal. You can be sure she is not a Maoist, there are basically none left anyway, but certainly not of the trendy 60’s ilk, they simply went out of fashion. It is just not as cool as it was to condemn people to a gulag.

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        Ted Swanson says:

        Wrong! The CCP is displacing millions of people into modern-day gulag/slums while building millions of new apartments for future Chinese colonists:


        Your willful blindness is staggering! Wake up!

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      Adam says:

      The only logical response: http://memegenerator.co/instance/39607911

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    Susan MacIsaac says:

    What goes around comes around, she deserves what she got.

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