07.05.2013 07:18 AM

Rehtaeh on the cover of People magazine

They – a magazine based in the United States – haven’t forgotten her. The Nova Scotia Dexter government has, however.

Or wants to.



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    Jason says:

    Yeah, the cops and govenment said what they thought people wanted to hear. Then the media in this part of the country completely dropped the story. I don’t think there has been any movement on her killers since.

    Shame on the government. Shame on the police. Shame on the school board.

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      Ridiculosity says:

      Shame on Canada.

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    davidray says:

    I thought about her last month and then created this graphic I call “rehtaeh parsons the forgotten angel of nova scotia” I have no way of sharing this but if you feel so inclined have away. Maybe some of your other readers will do the same.
    it’s strange how and angel can also look like nova scotia.


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