07.03.2013 10:57 AM

The big reason why Harper may just quit

Spotted on a Sun News Network monitor, just as I was about to tape a hit on Brian Lilley’s show. Pithy – but, I think, true. Justin Trudeau could beat Stephen Harper.

If that doesn’t persuade Harper it’s time to go, nothing will.


Sharp political analysis, in three words or less.


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    Kevin says:

    My feeling (admittedly there’s a lot of hope in there too) is that if JT doesn’t implode, he will win. He’s personable and positive, and many Canadians feel they already know him since he grew up on their tv screens and in their newspapers. He also has charisma close to if not matching his father.

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    Michael Bussiere says:

    I attended a gala in Gatineau recently celebrating the achievements of Canadians of Arab descent. Jason Kenney, the new Harper Government spokesthingy on everythingy these days was there kneeling and puckering up. It was quite a performance. Never mentioned his leader once though, which seems to be the directive followed by all of the other parrots in the cage. Kenney left after eating his dinner, as well as the rest of the leftovers on the 10-person table. I’ve never seen anybody wipe up candle wax with pita bread before.

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      Bruce A says:

      Sounds like Harper’s stopped feeding him.

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