07.22.2013 07:05 AM

“You want to come after Rob and I, we’re open game”

So sayeth one of the stupidest politicians to walk the planet.  Well, okay, Doug, but only because you insist: we will continue to “come after” after you and your idiot brother. Heh.

Oh, and one more thing: a guy with your past probably shouldn’t be advising others to get “counselling.”


  1. patrick says:

    I think Dougie, that overly literate soul, is doing the ol’ Mark Twain thing, the deceptively clever, a stunning plan really, of REVERSE PSYCHOLOGILIZING! I expect to hear a chorus from the ink stained wretches declaring their deliberate ignoring and avoidance of all thingys Ford.
    Clever. Clever. Bastard. Outsmarded everyone Dougie did.

  2. Lance says:

    Whatever happened with the crack video thing? It has been weeks since we’ve heard anything.

  3. davidray says:

    Doug Ford aka moronicus originalis.

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