08.06.2013 07:48 PM

Burn in Hell, One Direction


See this?

This is the scene outside our hotel, the Andaz, a.k.a. The Riot Hyatt. Where Keith Richards threw a TV set out of his room window. Where Jim Morrison was evicted for hanging off a balcony. Where Led Zeppelin stayed, and conducted…experiments.

This is the scene now, at this fabled rock and roll hotel. The British boy band, One Direction, has attracted scores of prepubescent girls, who shriek and gawk and take pictures at all times of day and night. They’ve been here for days.

I hate them.

One Direction, that is. I wish they would go away, and take their retinue of sidewalk-squatting fans with them. The ghosts of Richards, Morrison and Bonham deserve to be respected.

Not treated to this Hellish scene.

(Us, too.)


  1. deb s says:

    lol!!! tell them disneyland has hotels and they might be better suited to that venue.

  2. Luke says:

    The ghost of Richards? I guess he does sort of resemble the living dead…

  3. Sounds to me like Warren will go see the One Direction movie very soon !!! Good on ya

  4. Kelly says:

    All Jim Morrison and keif were trying to do with their antics was attract girls. They were rank amateurs compared to the one direction machine.

  5. Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    Warren: Those kids don’t know music. Why, in our day, it took real talents like Perry Como, The Crew Cuts and the immortal Tony Bennett to get this kind of response. Dad gum kids,

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