08.03.2013 08:57 AM

Integrity Commissioner hands Hudak PCS another defeat

…about their gas plant “scandal.” Do these guys ever get tired of getting kicked in the head?

In a setback to Progressive Conservative attempts to turn up the heat in the gas plant scandal, Ontario’s integrity watchdog has refused to probe alleged Liberal attempts to intimidate the speaker of the legislature.

Tory MPP Vic Fedeli had asked Integrity Commissioner Lynn Morrison to investigate emails sent by senior “operatives” to then premier Dalton McGuinty pushing for Speaker Dave Levac to reverse a ruling which they feared would precipitate an election in the fall of 2012.


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    SharonS says:

    The Liberal gas plant scandal plus the wounded Ontario economy will be the cornerstones of the Conservative election campaign. That looks like a solid foundation for their election strategy. Add to that the Ford silent Toronto majority and it becomes a formidable threat.

    What will the NDP strategy be, the ‘popularity’ of Horwath and proclaiming that ‘Andrea ain’t Bob’? Try selling a ‘negative’ to beleaguered Ontarians struggling with economic problems.

    Wynne Liberals will be asking for ‘forgiveness’ and offering more of the same. Maybe Justin will help Wynne win the election!

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    doris says:

    Oh the stupidity of the Libs for not showing up the opposition as Hypocrits, they both promised to cancel the gas plants – how much of the 600 million would they be wearing now if they had done so? Why the libs haven’t played this tune is beyond me

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      SharonS says:

      What could the Liberals have said?

      “Yes, we canceled the gas plants to win in a couple of ridings, but the cons and dips agreed to the cancellation too so that makes it okay for us to do it!”

      Get the point?

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